Swanson Yohimbe Bark

Size / Quantity 300mg, 100 Capsules

The #1 men's alternative for sexual support, also suitable for female. Yohimbe is renowned for its effect on the male and female libido and sexual function. 

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  • The #1 men's herb for sexual support, also suitable for female.
  • Male and Female libido booster that may increase testosterone
  • Each two-capsule serving delivers 600mg of yohimbe bark powder

Swanson Premium Brand Yohimbe is an economical, safe and natural alternative to other popular, yet potentially harmful products. Each convenient capsule delivers 300mg of yohimbe bark powder.

Swanson Yohimbe Bark Powder capsules are a great way to help boost libido and sexual function in men. The gray-brown bark from an evergreen tree is used for health purposes, especially related to the circulatory system.

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