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Established in 2012 in Glastonbury, Somerset, UK, by James and Faye Wilmott, Amour Natural is a famous supplier of first-rate natural products for body care and aromatherapy. They are committed to producing high quality products at affordable prices, only sold through carefully selected independent retailers.


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Amour Natural manufactures a wide variety of products, ranging from organic oils and aroma jewellery, to witch hazel and flower waters. All products are organic and/or 100% pure and natural, with ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients.

Each batch is rigorously tested to ensure the highest quality, both independently and at their warehouse by their in-house specialist (organoleptic testing). Certificates of analysis and MSDS are able to back this up.

All of their products are suitable for therapists, beginners and enthusiasts. All liquid products are packaged in amber glass bottles with tamper proof dropper caps (pipettes and spritz caps are also available), in various sizes to suit all budgets. They are cosmetic grade, fully recyclable and UV resistant to protect the oils.

Armour also use biodegradable potato starch for their packaging and recycled paper, making them easy to compost and better for the environment.


Pure Essential Oils

Amour Natural Soothing and Relaxing Essential Oils 1 Set

The essential oils produced by Amour come in a range of sizes and aroma. They can be used for baths, massages, inhalation with warm water, and oil burners.

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Organic Shea Butter

Amour Natural Organic Refined Shea Butter 1

Another highly popular product is the organic shea butter. Consisting of vitamins F, E, and A, it also has nutrients that are essential for producing collagen and healthy skin cells. Organic shea butter is a rare commodity these days.

It is traded fairly, free from animal cruelty and also suitable for vegans.

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Amour Natural Sandalwood Candle

Amour has set the benchmark of candle quality with its first-rate scented candles. Aside from being available in a wide variety of scents, Amour Natural make their candles from the wax of natural plants, and all materials and ingredients sourced for these candles are extracted by following ethical procedures. They aren’t tested on animals and have a long shelf life.

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