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Bio-Strath's main aim is to provide strength to the immune system and all other organs of the body.




For more than 50 years, Bio-Strath have been producing a variety of products from the Strath herbal yeast. The idea of creating products from this particular yeast came from Dr. Walter Strathmeyer, who formulated Bio-strath yeast with a combination of selective herbs and healthy yeasts.

The core ingredient that goes into all the Bio-Strath products requires two months to mature through fermentation using Saccharomyces Cerevisiae yeast. Every ingredient that goes into the process was once hand-selected by the founder.

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As a result, there is a herb for just about every organ of the body inside Bio-Strath products. Many years were spent perfecting which herbs to use and the optimal fermentation process to create Bio-Strath.

Strathmeyer was brilliant at developing the product but not so good at marketing and sales. This is when Fred Pestalozzi, an iron and steel business icon, came as a revelation.

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Pestalozzi had issues of excessive dizziness and hypersensitive hearing ever since he was a young boy and the problem only got worse with age. Then Pestalozzi stumbled upon the yeast formulation from Strathmeyer.

It worked like a charm for him and reduced the symptoms for his Meniere’s disease that involved symptoms of tinnitus and dizziness. After experiencing the miraculous results of the yeast concentrate prepared by Strathmeyer, Pestalozzi was keen to start a joint venture and Bio-Strath came into being.



At the core of all Bio-Strath products, you will find Strath yeast. The company has found a unique way to obtain this yeast from various fruits, and use it in their products without the membrane.

Bio Strath Yeast

The process of producing Bio-Strath requires the absorption of herbal fluids by yeast. After the absorption process has been completed, the next step is the application of osmosis for fermentation. This stage of the formulation is what makes Bio-Strath one of the most unique supplement brands on the market.

Yeast cells start to swell up and finally pop like small balloons in an oxygen-less environment. All the health-friendly elements inside the yeast are ready for use once osmosis has taken place and all the yeast cells have opened up.

After this process, the company mixes the formulation with a variety of other ingredients to come up with their supplements.




One of the most important things the company does is compiling scientific data to prove that they’re effective. On their website, you will find some studies that Bio-Strath has completed to prove that the ingredients they use in their products perform the functions that the company advertises.

In one Bio-Strath study, the researchers successfully concluded that the absorption of minerals and nutrients such as Vitamin B1, Iron, Zinc, and Magnesium improve in the gut whilst in an environment enriched with strath herbal yeast.



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Bio Strath original

Strath Original contains 89% of the company’s specially formulated herbal yeast. It is suitable for athletes, the elderly, adults, children, and even pregnant mothers. The count of vital substances in the product is 60. It helps your body absorb all the healthy nutrients from your daily diet.

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Herbal Yeast

Bio-Strath Elixir Herbal Yeast 100 ml

The pressures of today's hectic living can take their toll on physical and mental well-being, leaving you feeling drained, perhaps irritable, lacking in energy and finding it harder to concentrate.

Bio-Strath Yeast Liquid a Swiss herbal supplement can optimise immune function and promote mental and physical wellbeing.

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The ingredients used for creating the products undergo strict testing for the presence of any pesticides and other harmful agents. All the products from the company contain all or a mixture of some of the 11 building substances, 20 amino acids, 19 trace elements, and 11 vitamins.

All the products from the company taste of real yeast flavor because Bio-Strath don’t include any artificial agents, preservatives, etc. in their products. Most of their products are suitable for children, adults, pregnant women, seniors, vegans, diabetic patients, athletes.

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