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Created by Doctor Gary Goldfaden, an experienced dermatologist, Cosmesis Skincare (by Life Extension) can help users with their preventative as well as restorative skincare needs.

Cosmesis Skincare products utilise the latest discoveries in holistic, nutritional, and dermatological ingredients to fight against common problems like ageing.

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Cosmesis offer products with the maximum quantity of active ingredients to provide excellent therapeutic benefits, with patented formulas that are specifically designed for targeting particular areas of the skin.

When developing Cosmesis Skincare products, Gary Goldfaden made sure that each one of his products provides maximum performance without the need of a prescription. All Cosmesis Skincare products offer therapeutic resolution to virtually every skin problem anticipated.

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What Makes Cosmesis Stand Out?

First of all, Cosmesis Skincare products are exclusively formulated to take care of complex skin issues. All of their products are well suited for practically all types of skin and can be used in combination with other products. All of Cosmesis Skincare products go through rigorous clinical studies to make sure that they offer targeted support to control ageing skin.

Whilst the skincare industry mostly focuses on beauty products, skin maintenance is just as important to take care of. Preserving the nutrients inside the skin alongside targeting and eradicating skin problems in particular areas like face, neck, and hands is extremely important.

Luckily, Cosmesis Skincare create mostly-natural solutions for offering excellent skin support. These products can help to rejuvenate your skin like few other brands’ would. They help to reduce skin discolouration and wrinkles, and also takes care of age related skin issues such as sagging and various other problems.

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Providing Natural Skincare Solutions

Research has proven that the skin is able to absorb at least sixty percent or more of ingredients present in the products we use. This makes using products with natural, non-toxic ingredients even more important. Doctor Gary Goldfaden, a dermatologist, knew that using synthetic products was simply out of the question. This is why Cosmesis Skincare are as natural as can be.

Cosmesis Skincare deeply cares about animals and make sure that all of their products are free from animal ingredients and mostly vegetarian.



Toners & Cleansers

Life Extension Mild Facial Cleanser, 240 ml

Toners and cleaners rebalance and refresh the user’s skin to help them look more radiant and youthful. Cosmesis Skincare utilises restorative ingredients which contain strong skin improving properties. The formulas that they use actively fight against the effects of daily environmental exposure. Why not try Cosmesis Mild Facial Cleanser?

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Neck & Face

Life Extension Cosmesis Skin Care Tightening & Firming Neck Cream, 56.7g

Neck and face skin are perhaps the most sensitive skins on our bodies as they are exposed constantly. Cosmesis Skincare provides masks, mists, serums, and creams to minimise environmental and age related impact on these areas. Why not try Cosmesis Tightening and Firming Neck Cream?

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Life Extension Advanced Probiotic-Fermented Eye Serum, 15ml

Eye creases are quite common and tend to increase as we get older. Cosmesis Skincare’s formulas utilise ingredients that are clinically studied. These ingredients are vital for preserving your youthful looks without having any side effects. Why not try Cosmesis Probiotic Eye Serum?

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Cosmesis Skincare has a high standard of manufacturing for all of their products. This is a major reason why this skincare brand has been thriving for such a long time. They have rigorous quality control procedures and also enlist help from renowned third party laboratories to ensure standards are kept high.

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