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Founded in 1990 by physicians, Doctor's best promotes science-based nutrition with over 200 products containing thoroughly researched, high quality ingredients. 



The manufacturing and testing of Doctor’s Best products are done in the United States of America using top tier facilities, all to GMP standards. Through communication and education, they aim to give clear reasoning behind every product’s creation and the reasons why they are good for the user’s health.

The company takes extra care to ensure first-rate quality by making sure that all of its ingredients go through strict and intense verification, no matter which country they are sourced from.

Doctor's Best sell through independant and chain stores as well as through their impressive online store. It even has a store finder that helps people locate a store containing Doctor’s Best products near them.

The thing that sets Doctor’s Best apart from other health brands is the fact that it does not rely on quick-fix methods to create its products. Moreover, it also doesn't rely on trends or fads to make its products popular in the market. Quality is the most important thing on which Doctor’s Best relies. It has proved to be very successful in getting the company well recognised since it's creation in 1989. Doctor’s Best works closely with world-renowned scientists in manufacturing and selling their products. They are involved in the development of new ingredients that with the help of clinical research, enable them to create supplements that bring the best results.




Doctor's Best Products

Doctor’s Best makes products for a wide array of health areas. They are as follows:

Blood sugar support
Bone health
Brain health
Digestive health
Eye health
Nail, skins, and hair health
Heart health
Immune health
Joint health
Men’s health
Stress, sleep, energy, and mood
Sports nutrition
Women’s health

Here are some of Doctor’s Best’s favourite products:


It’s great for people who have trouble sleeping or have high anxiety. Serotonin is an essential neurotransmitter that regulates appetite, sexual desire, body temperature, and mood. The product aids serotonin production, which decreases levels of stress. The product also has an enhanced formula that contains vitamin C and vitamin B6. The Best 5 HTP is soy-free, vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO.


COQ10 is a heart health supplement. It helps restore low COQ10 levels as we age, which can lead to improved cardiovascular health. COQ10 can help fight against free radicals and aid in energy production. Doctors Best COQ10 is also free from soy, gluten is non-GMO and suitable for vegans.


Doctor’s Best's Biotin is most well known for maintaining hair, nail, and skin health. It is also an excellent antioxidant and immune health supplement. Its main functions are DNA integrity and gene regulation. It aids in energy production through its essential enzyme functions that convert carbohydrates and fatty acids. Doctors Best Biotin is free from gluten, gelatin, and soy. It uses natural colors and flavors, is non-GMO, and suitable for vegans.


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Quality Assurance


Doctor's Best Thumbs Up


Doctor’s Best is proud to go the extra mile to ensure unparalleled quality. A big part of that is the superior quality ingredients, sourced worldwide, that are behind the consistent results that the company’s products provide. After verifying raw material quality and performing rigorous clinical studies, the company thoroughly test their finished goods. Many are branded and trademarked to reassure you of their quality and add an extra layer of assurance in their efficacy.

The company provides detailed guidance on how each product benefits its users while also backing up their claims by citing studies. Additionally, Doctor’s Best provides product pages and videos on its website. They are easy to understand and answer any queries that customers might have. Upon checking, customers will find scientific explanations through fact sheets, background information, scientific references, and function statements. It also gives scientific references for substantiating every statement.


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