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Only the best quality raw ingredients are used in Health Plus formulas, and also perform rigorous testing protocols and procurements for quality assurance.

Their vision is the wellbeing of their customers, and their products continue to be the “Gateway to Better Health” for all.



From the backroom of their health food store to present day, Health Plus works on the simple rule: to provide the safest, highest-quality, and innovative health products to their customers.

Health Plus Inc. Pat and Rita

They take pride in the innovative formulas created to help the proper functioning of specific organs.



Health Plus Inc. Products

Colon Cleanse remains to be one of the top cleansing supplements in the US. Health Plus have made many additions to their product line since then.

To this day, not only do they offer detox and cleansing capsules and supplements, but also cater to other problems.


Super Colon Cleanse

HealthPlus Inc Super Colon Cleanse

Health Plus's Super Colon Cleanse is a gluten-free, natural daily fibre that can help with occasional constipation. Their formula contains Senna Leaf Powder, a natural stimulant that supports the digestive system to excrete the waste efficiently.

The dietary supplement contains natural herbs and probiotic that helps with internal cleansing.

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Kidney Cleanse

Health Plus Inc Super Kidney Cleanse 550 mg, 60 Capsules

Health Plus's gluten-free Kidney Cleanse supplements can help to maintain normal kidney functions.

The addition of Turmeric and B12 can help decrease inflammation, thereby cleansing the kidney, and also help to improve the wellness of the urinary tract.

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Quality Maintenance

Health Plus Inc. 100% Satisfaction GuarenteeHealth Plus Naturals Gluten FreeHealth Plus Inc. All NaturalGlobal Health Naturals GMP Quality

Since their inception, “quality assurance” has been the core of Health Plus. Their believe in helping their customers to lead a healthier life with their dietary supplements and detox formulas.

They manufacture their products in their own facility located in Chino, California.

Health Plus Inc. Manufacturing

Health Plus never compromise on the quality of their raw ingredients. They only use natural ingredients extracted from minerals, herbs, and plants, and go the extra mile to use clinically tested ingredients for quality assurance.

Health Plus also use eco-friendly methods for growing and processing their ingredients.



Health Plus Inc. Family

The quality standards maintained by Health Plus have been vital in building our strong relationship with them over the years. The growing popularity of Health Plus is a testimony to their quality.

There's no need to worry about Health Plus products when purchased through our website.


Other Information

Health Plus is not only catering to the people fighting with digestive issues in the US, but also across the globe.

Their dietary supplements, body detox, and cleansing products have helped people around the world to maintain a healthier and happy life.

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