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Hyland's has been a powerhouse name in the wellness world for over a century.

The company's deep-rooted history is a testament to how they've achieved their status as a staple in the landscape of the health and wellness industry.



Moving forward is one of the company's biggest mottos. They adhere to the vision, wisdom, and values of which they’re founded on.

Everyone at Hyland's knows first-hand about the hard work that goes into achieving top quality products that customers from all over the world benefit from.

They’re more like a family than they are work colleagues and even treat their customers like friends. It is a big reason why Hyland's has the trust of thousands of customers across the globe.

Hylands Mucas and Pain Relief

Even though they date as far back as 1903, Highland’s firmly believe in moving with the times, and are constantly striving to improve their manufacturing techniques and product development.

Making natural and safe homeopathic medicines is what they’re all about. Throughout the years, they have been operating with the same consistency and determination of their creator, George Hyland.

Hylands Grandfather

Hyland's firmly believe in the human body’s ability to work on the natural defences of the body for restoring balance and healing – a fundamental of homeopathic medicine.

They’re now used by everyone from babies to high-level athletes.

Hyland's Mother and Child


Hyland's develops products for a wide range of problems and for all ages, these include Hyland's Baby, Hyland's 4kids and Hyland's Young Adult as well as their standard range of products.


Calms Forté

Hyland's Calms Forte Sleep Aid, 100 Tablets

Life's stresses and worries causing you sleepless nights? Then look no further Hyland's Calms Forté Sleep Aid may be the perfect option for you. Helping to relax your body and mind in an entirely natural way, restful nights and bright mornings could be yours again.



Homeopathic Medicine Ferrum Phos

Hyland's Homoeopathic Medicine Ferrum Phos 30X 250 Tablets

Hyland's Ferrum Phos 30X Fevers and Inflammation helps the lungs to distribute oxygen throughout the body.

VIEW Ferrum Phos


Homeopathic Medicine Leg Cramps Relief

Hyland's Homoeopathic Medicine Leg Cramps PM Cramp Relief, 50 Quick-Dissolving Tablets

How wonderful would it be to have a full night of rest without having your legs wake you up? Leg cramps steal valuable hours of sleep. Hyland's Hemeopathic Medicine for Leg Cramps Relief can help with that.

VIEW Leg Cramps Relief


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Quality Maintenance

Hylands Team

Every product goes through strict checks every day in all of Hyland's facilities, making Hyland's among the safest homeopathic medicines.

The company also practices Good Documentation Practice. They use GDP for outlining the standard of their products to the customer, as well as for judging and testing for compliance.

It’s the only reliable way to convey to customers important information regarding the products they purchase.


Other Information

Hylands 4Kids Leg Pain Relief

Hyland's continues to create top of the line homeopathic medicines with the same efficacy and quality that they are known for. They continue to listen to customers’ needs and address them with new products where necessary.

There are only a handful of reliable homeopathic medicine companies, and it is safe to say that Hyland's is one of the best.

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