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Founded by Elliott Balbert in 1980, Natrol is one of the most recognised names in the nutraceuticals industry. They offer high-quality minerals and vitamin supplements and aim to deliver innovative products to enhance one’s quality of life.




Although Natrol first began as a cosmetics firm, it wasn’t until 1982 when they introduced their dietary supplements. Sleep products quickly became their most popular products among customers. Over the years, Natrol expanded their range of nutritional supplements, launching innovative products each year whilst maintaining quality manufacturing standards.

In 2006, Natrol ranked number one in sales of sleep supplements in the US. Over the years, Natrol acquired different health-related brands that offer natural supplements to help improve all the essential aspects of health and wellbeing.

Natrol’s mission to enhance the quality of life made them a recognised brand name in the nutraceuticals industry. Since the beginning, their high-quality standards have been the cornerstone of their success. At present, Natrol manufacture their products in the United States and distribute them to over 60 countries.

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Sleep & Anxiety

Natrol Stress & Anxiety Mood & Stress Day Night Formula, 10 Day Tablets, 10 Night Tablets, Two 10 Tablet Blister Packs

Whilst Natrol deal in a wide variety of nutrient-based products, Slep & Anxiety is one of their top-selling products. Since their introduction, the company has delivered more than 5 billion nights of sleep to consumers worldwide.




Natrol Cognium For A Sharper Mind, 60 Tablets

Natrol also offer a revolutionary mental health supplement, Cognium, which has become the second highest-selling brand worldwide. Moreover, the supplement is supported by various clinical studies that indicate significant improvements in brain health.

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Quality Maintenance

Natrol Beauty Inside and Out

Natrol ensure to deliver high-quality, trustworthy, effective, and safe products that meet their customer’s requirements every time. From the comprehensive screening of a supplier’s qualifications to sourcing high-quality ingredients, they constantly strive to provide the best products.

By always pushing the frontiers of scientific research, Natrol assures to deliver products that deliver the best nutrition to their consumers whilst improving the quality of their lives.


Other Information

Through constant research and development, Natrol continues to combine nature and science to produce innovative and better quality products while ensuring improvement in consumer health. With their industry-leading manufacturing network, they have set gold standards in production throughout the VMS industry.
Natrol intends to work closely with its distributor partners across the world; the company has a built strong network to deliver outstanding customer service. Natrol aims to empower the consumers not only in the U.S. but also worldwide by improving their overall health and wellbeing.

Natrol Mood and Stress

Through constant research and development, Natrol continues to combine nature and science to produce innovative and better-quality products whilst ensuring improvement in consumer health around the world.

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
^Nielsen, xAOC, 52 weeks ending 03/21/20
**Among leading brain health supplements

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