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Tom Murdoch, the founder of Nature’s Way is a strong believer of the fact that nature has provided use the necessary foundation to improve our health. This is why the mission of this company has always been to provide products that offer the best ingredients that nature offers to its inhabitants.



Nature’s Way also follows the wisdom laid out by traditional health practices. By following this wisdom, the company has tremendously evolved to fulfill the modern health needs of the people. Because of this commitment, people who use Nature’s Way products can feel confident about the care and quality that the company put in all of its products.

The late 1960s Tom Murdock, Nature’s Ways’ founder was desperately searching for a method to improve the health of his wife, who wasn’t well at the time. He tried several conventional methods, but they didn’t work out.

Because of this, he had to take a leap of faith by trying out traditional plants because of their healing powers. These plants were (and still are) regularly used by Native Americans. Lo and behold, Tom’s wife saw a remarkable improvement in her health and lived for twenty five more years.

Tom’s journey of helping his wife helped him to become the leader and founder of the herbal renaissance company Nature’s Way. During 1969, Tom started to provide close to ten wellness products. Almost half a century after it, this company has become one of the best brands of first rate dietary supplements, with more than one thousand products.


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Nature’s way has been front and center of the health industry, specifically when it comes to herbal health. It is one of the oldest leaders in informing retailers and consumers about the safety and effectiveness of herbal supplementation. Nature’s Way has always been in support of legislative efforts that shield health freedoms. The company also strives to advocate for better health through the natural powers of nature.

Following a Pure Quest


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Although Nature’s Way has been a strong proponent of natural and herbal ingredients, they still make sure that they incorporate science with their historic traditional formulations.

The company’s focus has been to provide products that are safe. They rely on the proof behind their product’s effectiveness. While all of the ingredients are thoroughly researched, Nature’s Way pays a lot of importance to strike a proper balance between modern science and traditional wellness practices.

Because of this combination, the company is able to make unique dietary supplements that are thoroughly researched, backed up by science, and offer maximum benefits.

Prioritizing Customers in Every Way Possible

Despite being a world renowned company, Nature’s Way stick to their core values at all times. They value authenticity, wisdom, integrity, and inclusivity. This is why their quality testing is more detailed than any other company. They go beyond the regular industry standards.

The company often goes out of its way to seek knowledge to improve its quality, and has been doing so for the past five decades. Nature’s Way guides its customers by providing some of the finest wellness products. They also ensure that all of their products are packaged to perfection to maintain their high standards and the potency of the product itself.

Quality Maintenance


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Quality is very important to Nature’s Way. The company picks their ingredients from only the best places. In fact, Nature’s Way workers go to different parts of the country and to various continents to see where they could source the most potent herbs from. They even go to indigenous regions where the conditions for growing herbs are perfect. These regions have several experienced harvesters and growers who have a record of sharing and preserving their helpful practices and knowledge.

By doing this, they ensure quality without making any compromises. It is perhaps the only way to develop products that guarantee healthy everyday living, just like nature intends.

Nature’s Way believes that their obsession about quality is a major reason why they produce top quality supplements. If you ever use Nature’s Way products, you will never have to worry about the ingredients present in their products as they undergo strict approval and testing routines before making their way to the formulas.

All of Nature’s Way’s products are free from GMO. The company follows their mission of testing, manufacturing and sourcing in a way that ensures healthy and GMO free manufacturing. Nature’s Way has a partnership with the Non GMO project. They are the only independent verification program of North America that makes sure to follow best practices during the production procedure for avoiding GMO. There is a seal on all Nature’s Way products to show you that they are verified by project Non GMO.


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In addition to that, Nature’s Way also follow current Good Manufacturing Practice for excellent safety and quality when they create their products. This demonstrates and undying commitment towards the compliance and quality of dietary supplements.


Nature's Way Beet Root, 1000mg, 100 Vegetarian Capsules

Here is a list of this company’s most in demand products:

MCT oil (100%)
Sambucus Gummies
Sambucus for Kids
Cold Care original
Liquid Multivitamins


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Sticking to the Roots


Nature's Way Founders


Nature’s Way always remembers their past. They have never lost track of the reason its founder, Tom, started the company to begin with: a desire to help people enhance their health with natural solutions. It has become the base of everything that the company does. This foundation of an ever growing legacy is why this company’s consumers are so loyal.

Other Information

Nature’s Way is well respected by various industry groups. Its affiliations with renowned organizations are enough proof about their superior products. The company’s commitment to offer better herbal solutions has gained several impressive certifications.

Plus, it has also come in handy to develop important relationships with well-known trade associations. Nature’s Way continues to produce excellent products by listening to the demands of their customers while maintaining their high quality standards.

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