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Olympian Labs have been a major contributor of natural health supplements for close to two decades.


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The company was founded way back in the early 90s. Mary Sullivan and Craig Connors founded this company in Phoenix Arizona. This couple had always been obsessed with health. They were high level athletes who dedicated a major part of their lives towards physical fitness.

Because of their interest in physical fitness, they wanted to ensure that the diet they were consuming met their nutritional needs. However, they found out that they were lacking several vitamins and minerals, along with other things. The absence of these elements was holding them back from reaching their true athletic potential. Since their teenage years, they studied and performed tests to create supplements that would help them achieve the solution for attaining optimal health.

Their reason for creating their own formulations was simple: they weren’t satisfied with the health products that people were getting. Most of them were not as healthy as they were advertised. Plus, a lot of them had ingredients that would cause various side effects if used for a long period. Because of the lack of quality health supplements, the founder's main goal was to come up with something that would help people gain optimal balance, wellbeing, and health.

They have also been adamant on making sure that all of their products contain nothing but the purest and raw ingredients. All of these products are thoroughly tested by the company’s workers. In addition, Craig and Mary also have a strong policy of openness and honesty, which compels them to select every ingredient with care. In fact, their approach is so methodic and personal that they base all of their doses according to expert studies.



Quality Maintenance

Olympian Labs has set a high standard of quality maintenance for all of their products. The founders developed their own manufacturing facility to produce all of Olympian Labs products.

There is no third party involved during the production procedure. This ensures that the development of Olympian Labs products happens under the watchful eye of quality maintenance experts that they carefully hire. In fact, all of the people employed at Olympian Labs have multiple years of experience in the health supplements industry. Their elite level expertise is one of the main reasons why this company has thrived for as long as it has and shows no signs of stopping.

Olympians Labs’ production facility also has the current Good Manufacturing Practices certification (cGMP). This certification is a clear sign that all of Olympian Labs products meet the necessary legal and industrial standards for supplement production. Additionally, all of the products are produced in the USA. They’re packaging at their Phoenix-based facility for ensuring an excellent quality control level.

pA few years ago, Olympian Lab’s chief executive officer, David Basins, stated that the company’s aim for the near future would be to develop and provide users with the best supplements in the world. So far, he has been fulfilling his promise as Olympian Labs’ products are indeed a level above most supplement brands operating today.

One of the things that make this brand stand out is the fact that there are no preservatives, artificial colors, or artificial sweeteners present inside them. All of Olympian Lab’s pill based products contain vegetarian-friendly capsules for making sure that they are accessible to a larger audience while fulfilling their supplement needs in the most natural way possible.

This brand is also heavy on promoting health awareness through informational content on websites. In a video posted on Olympian Lab’s YouTube channel, a company’s employee mentioned that Olympian Labs greatly focus on quality rather than giving a tough time to rival companies. Olympian Labs also clearly mentions that all of the ingredients that they use are exactly what they mention on the labels.


Olympian Labs DIM-100, 100mg, 60 Vegetarian CapsulesOlympian Labs has a wide array of products available for their customers. Their patented DIM (diindolymethane) is perhaps one of its most well-known products. The reason behind its popularity is that it is specifically designed for supporting a healthy balance of estrogen and testosterone ratio.

Some other in demand products of Olympian Labs are as follows:

  • DIM-100
  • Dunamic HGH
  • Krill oil
  • Caffeine
  • Beef protein
  • Pea protein

The Biocell Collagen of this company has received the Supplement of the year Award 2013, presented by Better Nutrition.


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Other Information

Olympian Labs products are not only available in the US but most countries in the world. For more than twenty years, the company has manufactured high quality supplements that are supported by cutting edge scientific research. Olympian Labs’ products have pure, raw ingredients to offer the users with maximum benefits.

As mentioned earlier, the company is highly dedicated towards maintaining its quality standards and incorporates quality control on all levels.

  • Olympian Labs are one of the last users of amber glass bottles for ensuring product freshness and protecting negative environmental change.
  • More than five thousand national health food stores offer Olympian Labs products. Premier global websites, specialty chains, and doctor’s offices also provide their products.
  • All of the formulations that Olympian Labs use are powerfully effective and unique. The company manufactures all of their products in facilities certified by current Good Manufacturing Practices. This ensures optimal quality control on all production levels.
  • Their facilities are often visited by local health authorities for ensuring that everything is up to par. Because of these visits, Olympian Labs has received Gold Seal marks for every inspection.
  • The brand also uses kosher, vegetarian capsules in all of its vegetarian products. All of these Kosher products are certified.

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