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Terry Naturally has been a mainstay of the supplement industry of the United States. After introducing itself into the industry in the year 1982, Terry Naturally revolutionized it by introducing botanical standardization. Standardized products mostly contain a variety of active ingredients for ensuring that consumers get the “most bang for their buck”.


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Terry Naturally brought forward to the U.S market standardized Ginko biloba. Milk thistle was also an introduction made by Terry Natural. Essentially, milk thistle is a supplement to support liver function naturally. Patients in the United States are especially famous for using milk thistle because of its remedial qualities. Before coming into the market, the thistle underwent a series of strict testing procedures.

Four years after their introduction to the United States market, Terry Naturally bought deglycyrrhizinated licorice to America’s forefront. Although it was famous among Europeans, no company would take a chance to bring it to America. Fortunately, Terry Naturally did. Deglycyrrhizinated licorice is essentially a supplement for supporting the stomach’s mucosa.

1986 also saw peppermint oil coated in enteric capsules brought forward by this manufacturer. The capsules helped the oil to reach the colon by letting it pass through the small intestine. It is the only way to yield peppermint oil’s best results. Terry Naturally’s involvement in the world of supplements has been beneficial for everyone. It has revolutionized supplementation in a way that no one thought was possible. Because of Terry Naturally’s high standards and innovation, everybody looks at supplementation in a new light.

The founder of this brand, Terry Lemerond, has close to 40 years of experience working in the health food industry. Besides Terry Naturally, the owner also owns some health food stores. He is also a health writer and hosts an interesting radio program that discusses healthy nutrition with detail. The program goes by the name of Terry Talks Nutrition.

Despite all of Terry Lemerond’s achievements, he still considers his nutritional supplementations to be one of his biggest achievements. His hundreds of unique botanical and nutritional formulas are bestsellers not only in the American market but internationally as well.



Curamin is Terry Natural’s most successful supplement to date. We will discuss more about it in the product section of this article. The company continues to bring its innovative brands of supplements to the market in 2019 and promises to do so in the coming future.

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Terry Naturally has been around for decades. During this time, the company has come up with award-winning products that have worked wonders on the people who used them. From blood health to skin, nail and hair health, Terry Naturally has it all. Let us look at their wide range of products below

  • Men’s Health
  • Nails, Skin, and Hair
  • Bladder and Urinary Products
  • Metabolism and Weight Management
  • Women’s Health
  • Pet’s Health
  • Respiratory and Immune
  • Daily Energy
  • Tendons, Joints, and bones
  • Cardiovascular and Health
  • Digestion
  • Hemp
  • Thyroid Support
  • Cellular Health
  • Pain Relief
  • Stress Relief, Focus, and Bones
  • Nerve Health and Healthy Blood Sugar

Popular Products

Let us discuss some of this company’s most in-demand products

#1 – Curamin

The name of this product originates from Curcumin. It is a supplement derived from turmeric. The thing that makes Curamin so popular among people is its ability to relieve them from their pain. The company specifically had joint and muscle pain in mind when it came up with Curamin, but people also use this product to recover after any kind of strenuous physical activity.

Terry Naturally also has an advanced formula of Curamin known as Curamin Extra Strength. This version supports users’ internal body responses. Curamin has BCM95 Curcumin. It is especially manufactured to ensure that your system absorbs it easily. Following are some more details on Terry Naturally’s most in-demand product.

  • Gluten-free
  • Healthy recovery for workout enthusiasts
  • Also supports joint health


#2 – Be Mobile

This is a one-stop-shop for people who want to live actively every day. It supports joint health and improves mobility as no other supplement could. You will feel a huge difference in the strength and flexibility of your joints when you start taking Be Mobile regularly.

Terry Naturally uses five different ingredients to support collagen and the cartilage of your body which essentially aids in improved mobility. Boswellia, Hyaluronic acid complex, Chondroitin, Glucosamine, and type 2 Collagen are the main mobility improving minerals in B Mobile.

#3 – Slim VX1

This clinically studied slimming supplement would be a great addition to anyone who wants to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle. It doesn’t have hidden or harmful ingredients. The Slim VX1 is free from stimulants like caffeine, hormone, or drugs. It maintains healthy sugar levels, stops unnecessary cravings, and makes you feel full after your meals.


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Quality Maintenance

Stringent quality testing and retesting procedures are performed over each back of supplements before they go for packing. During Terry Naturally’s decades of presence in the supplement landscape, it has never disappointed its customers with inferior quality products.

Moreover, the company makes sure that the nutrients and compounds that it uses in its products are effective, clean, safe, standardized, and measured accurately. Terry Naturally also uses non-GMO ingredients for most of its products. Most products contain herbal ingredients that are thoroughly harvested and to ensure that everything is Kosher.




BetterNutrition Best Supplement 2018 Winner Logo

Taste For Life Essentials Award 2017

Whole Foods 2016 Natural Choice Awards Logo

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Terry Naturally whole Foods NCA Award 2014

Terry Naturally whole Foods NCA Award 2014

Terry Naturally Delicious Living Supplement Award 2013
  • Winner of 6 Vitamin Retailer Magazine Awards! We’re thankful every day for the support shown for Terry Naturally® brand supplements by our valued health food store retailers.
  • Omega 7 Clinically Studied Sea Buckthorn is awarded the 2019 Taste For Life® Women's Essentials Award.
  • EuroPharma/Terry Naturally chosen winner of the Full Supplement Line Award for WholeFoods Magazine!
  • Better Nutrition 2019 Best of Natural Beauty Awards: SUPPLEMENTS category included Hair Renew Formula™
  • AnxioCalm® was chosen as the 2019 Delicious Living Women's Health Supplement Award Winner.
  • Hemp Oil™ selected winner of the Taste For Life’s Essential Award in the Endocannabinoid Support category.
  • Proud member of the Natural Products Association—Promoting Natural Products for Healthy Lifestyles.


  • Andrographis EP80™ Extra Strength awarded the 2018 Immunity Essentials Award from Taste for Life.
  • AnxioCalm® wins Stress Relief Award from Remedies.
  • Hemp Oil + Curcumin wins Best Supplement Award from Better Nutrition.
  • AnxioCalm® wins Taste for Life Back to School Essentials Award for Stress.
  • CuraMed® Breast wins Taste for Life Women’s Essential Award for Breast Health.
  • Vitamin Retailer Magazine awards 3 Terry Naturally Supplements with Vity Awards: CuraMed® for Best Selling Herbal Supplement, CuraMed® Brain for Best Selling Brain Support Formula, and Curamin® Headache Relief*^ for Best Selling Natural Headache Remedy.
  • EuroPharma wins Vitamin Retailer Magazine, Vity Award for Best Supplier Provided Educational Material from Vitamin Retailer.
  • Hair Renew wins award for Best of Natural Beauty from Better Nutrition.
  • BosMed® Intestinal Bowel Support* wins the Remedies 2018 Digestion Award for the category of Combos & Innovations.
  • Sucontral D wins Supplements Award for Blood Sugar Balance*†† from Delicious Living.
  • Sucontral D wins Blood Sugar Balance*†† award from Taste for Life Magazine.


  • Propolis Extract wins Immunity Essentials Awards from Taste for Life Magazine.
  • Vitamin Retailer’s editorial staff selected Clinical OPC with Pine Bark as one of the Best New Products of 2017.
  • Terry Lemerond was honored March 10, 2017 at Natural Products Expo West with an induction into the HALL OF LEGENDS. View all 2017 inductees.
  • Our latest news? We are now an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) company! Learn more about Terry’s vision of the ESOP, see our smiling faces, and get the full story.


  • A second Terry Naturally store opens in Green Bay, WI, and expansion of the EuroPharma corporate office.
  • Dr. Alexander George Panossian joins EuroPharma as the Director of Research and Science. He will also serve on the Scientific Advisory Board.


  • Supplement Pioneer Terry Lemerond receives first American Botanical Council (ABC) Champion Award.
  • Curamin® by Terry Naturally Receives 22nd Award. Award was given by Delicious Living in the Pain Category*†


  • Curamin® by Terry Naturally Receives 20th Award.
  • EuroPharma Launches Bacteril™ for Immune System Support*
  • WholeFoods Magazine announced that Curamin® is the winner of its annual Natural Choice Award.
  • Curamin® named Taste for Life’s Essential Choice for Pain Relief †


  • Vitamin Retailer Magazine awards Curamin® Best New Natural Remedy and Best New Specialty Herbal Awards.
  • Curamin® Extra Strength awarded Delicious Living Magazine's Best New Specialty Combination Formula and Pain† Category Awards.
  • Curamin® wins WholeFoods Magazine's Natural Choice Award.
  • Clinically studied SagaPro® Bladder Health now available in the US 2012 - Curamin® wins Best of Supplements, 5th consecutive year from Better Nutrition Magazine - Pain† Category.


  • Healthy Feet & Nerves™ wins Best New Products Award from Vitamin Retailer Magazine.
  • Healthy Knees & Joints™ named Best Joint Health Product by Delicious Living.
  • Curamin® wins Essential Supplement Award from Taste for Life Magazine - Pain† Category.


  • Curamin® awarded 3 Vitamin Retailer's Vity Awards, in 3 separate categories, Wholefoods Natural Choice Award, and Better Nutrition's Best of Supplements Award - Pain† Category.


  • Curamin® wins Better Nutrition’s Best of Supplements - Pain† Category Award for the 3rd consecutive year.
  • AnxioFit-1®, a unique, standardised, clinically tested echinacea extract, is launched.


  • Curamin® is a Vity Award winner for Best New Natural Remedy and wins Better Nutrition’s Best of Supplements - Pain† Category Award for the 2nd year in a row.


  • Terry Lemerond is the recipient of the 2008 Natural Products Association Industry Champion Award.
  • Curamin® wins Better Nutrition’s Best of Supplements - Pain† Category Award.

Other Information

Despite its overwhelming success in the health supplementation landscape Terry Naturally continues to create new products and rejuvenate the older ones with new and improved ingredients. By listening to feedback from its users, Terry Naturally makes sure that the demands of their customers are met all the time. This company has a vast manufacturing network, and its production standards are second to none.

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