Are Tart Cherries the Secret Health Remedy You’ve Been Looking For?

Tart Cherries the Secret Health Remedy

If you’re someone who’s taking steps to improve your health as you age, two of the top concerns likely to be on your mind are cardiovascular health and joint health.

You may be seeing your doctor and considering turning to conventional medical treatments, including prescription drugs or over the counter painkillers.

However, a superior, natural treatment may now be an alternative.

Tart cherries are gaining attention, following the discovery that their unique anthocyanins and other compounds may help to naturally mediate the inflammation processes in the body, which are linked to so many different health conditions.

Discover for Yourself the Many Benefits of Anthocyanins

You’ve likely heard of anthocyanins. These are compounds often found in other berries, fruits, as well as vegetables, which act as powerful antioxidants and help to reduce inflammation levels in the body.

As inflammation is associated with cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease, as well as many other conditions, getting enough in each day is critical.

Tart cherries stand out as one of the leading sources of anthocyanins, providing far more than most other fresh produce options, allowing you to quickly get your needs met with a smaller dose.

So what can tart cherries assist with?

1. Muscular Recovery

First, tart cherries can help to reduce the level of muscle pain and inflammation associated with exercise, helping you recover faster. This can make exercise more enjoyable, allowing a higher level of fitness to be maintained.

In fact, the benefits can be even more pronounced than if you’d taken an over-the- counter pain relief for exercise-induced pain!

2. Joint Pain

Suffering from osteoarthritis? Tart cherries may provide relief. While here again — over-the- counter painkillers, containing Acetaminophen, are typically recommended to those who are suffering — tart cherries can both reduce pain and improve joint function.

In essence, they won’t just cover up the discomfort, but may actually help your body heal itself and experience less discomfort.

3. Preventing Cardiovascular Disease

One of the top killers, cardiovascular disease, is running rampant in a country where obesity rates are climbing. Studies have now found that when subjects consume tart cherries daily, they experience a reduction in total cholesterol levels, a lower body weight, and also see greater abdominal fat loss as well. Plus, tart cherries can also help to lower total serum triglyceride levels as well.

All of this means improved heart health without relying on medication.

These are just a few of the top benefits that tart cherries can provide. They can also assist with improved metabolic support, and defending against neurodegenerative diseases.

But what if you don’t have access to tart cherries on a regular basis or aren’t a fan of the juice?

Not to worry — supplementation works just as well.

With the Swanson Tart Cherry supplements, you will get a concentrated dose of the tart cherry extract that offers all these unique benefits. All you’ll need to do is take two capsules, twice per day with water and you’ll be on your way to superior health.


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