Cytoplan 50+ Multivitamins & Minerals

Size / Quantity 60 Vegan Capsules

Cytoplan most comprehensive Wholefood Multivitamin and mineral formula available incorporating antioxidant CoQ10, Beta Glucan for immune support, and good all round vitamin & mineral levels including optimal levels of vitamin D3 & vitamin B12.

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  • This is the most complete and bio-effective Wholefood multi-nutrient formula available from Cytoplan; high in natural phyto antioxidants and immune system support
  • Improved Formula - Now with a vegetable base containing carrot, spirulina, alfalfa, artichoke leaf, beetroot, acai berry and acerola cherry – all providing extra phytonutrients
  • The natural nutrient Beta 1-3, 1-6 Glucan provides a role in activating the immune system , alerting the body to help defend itself against viral and bacterial invaders
  • This multi formula is high in B-Complex Vitamins and specifically Vitamin B12
  • This multivitamin supplement has optimal levels of Vitamin D3, Vitamin D is now considered one of the most vital vitamins for health and protection at all stages of life - and one of the most depleted. As we age our body does not convert vitamin D from sunlight as easily
  • Co-enzyme Q10 is a vital part of all energy production in the mitochondria, the power house of the cells, and CoQ10 can become seriously depleted as we get older The heart muscles are permanently active and thus use significant quantities of CoQ10. It is therefore important to ensure suitable intake of CoQ10 as we get older to support the heart muscles
  • Suitable levels of CoQ10 are even more necessary for those taking statin medication, as these drugs can inhibit the availability of CoQ10 from natural sources
  • This supplement contains Ubiquinol - the best supplement form of CoQ10 as it is the reduced form and immediately bioavailable and bioeffective
  • The high Vitamin B12 and CoQ10 content also make this an ideal multi formula for men and women aged 50 plus and those on statin medication
  • This is a natural plant-based multi-mineral formula containing pure brassica. Plants in the brassica family are also known to contain other antioxidant phyto-nutrients which have been linked to improved immune function
  • This edible species of brassica is also ideal for producing supplements where higher levels of minerals are required than would normally be present in the foods we eat
  • A one-a-day formula in easy-to-swallow gluten-free capsules
  • Suitable for: Men, Women and the Elderly
  • Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and for people with Candida and yeast sensitivities
  • Free from Genetically Modified Substances

Choosing Cytoplan:

Cytoplan was founded in 1990, by practitioners with many years experience in nutrition science. We work closely with Doctors and scientists to produce products which are highly bio-effective, truly innovative and backed by research and studies.

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