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Eylure Natural Lashes for Men

Size / Quantity Fine lashes to add volume + Adhesive

The original eyelashes and still the very best. Naturalite strip lashes offer 13 lash styles in 5 specific groups. From sparse to stumpy, any lash problem you have Eylure can solve. Best of all, Naturalites will give you more than Mascara without any of the clumping or smudging! Applying Lashes - Step by Step Tip: apply a small amount of eyeliner to your natural lash line - this will allow the top lash to look fuller and will leave the Naturalites looking completely natural. Celebrity fans: Nicole Kidman, Sugababes, Jamelia, Denise van Outen For really problem lashes, the Volume Plus category is the ultimate first aid for eyes. Beautifully formed to give a fullness and length to natural lashes. Also ideal for a subtler evening look.
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Specially designed to be for discreet wear, Natural lashes for men are ideal for fuller lashes.  The clear band is almost invisible against the eyes.  Easy to apply and remove.Suitable for contact lens wearers.
  • Discreet
  • Subtle
  • Effective
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