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Fertilaid belongs to the Fairhaven Health family, a well-respected producer of supplements and other products designed to support reproductive health. For more than a decade, Fairhaven Health's medical experts have brought together the best clinically produced medicine with carefully researched and sourced herbal and homeopathic treatments. Click here to view the full range of Fairhaven Health products.

Customer Testimonials

Helped me get pregnant 5 stars
"I used FertilAid and after just one and half months I got pregnant and had a beautiful baby girl who is almost 3 now. I am trying to get pregnant again with baby number two and I am going to order FertilAid again. It's very good, so good luck and don't give up hope."

43 and pregnant after 2 months 5 stars
"I took Fertilaid, Ovaboost and Fertile CM. Have been trying for over 18 months with Fertility Clinic and meds. Decided to take a break and took all three Fertilaid products and conceived within 2 months. Early days yet as only almost 7 weeks, but these products reduced my cycle from 33 to 28 days within just a few weeks."

They actually work! 5 stars
"We used FertilAid for Men after poor sperm count post vasectomy reversal, it did take 3 months for them to work but count and motility has increased."

Amazing! 5 stars
"We had tests that showed really poor sperm count and motility. After a month of taking FertilAid for Men, we had normal levels. Amazing!"



Quality & Ingredients

Fertilaid produces two supplements to aid fertility, one for men and one for women. Both supplements are available without the need for prescription as they contain all natural ingredients.

Fertilaid for Women contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals to both encourage a healthy pregnancy and to help maintain it after conception. By reducing all the vital ingredients to a single pill, users can be confident that they are taking the correct dosage without having to worry about managing a variety of different tablets.

Fertilaid for Women contains: 

  • Red Clover which is thought to increase cervical mucus
  • Siberian Ginseng which is often taken to support the immune system and is believed to help general well-being
  • Vitex Agnus Casus which contains a small amount of progesterone and has been linked to aiding fertility
  • Ginkgo Biloba which is sometimes used to increase libido

On top of these it contains all the other vital ingredients such as folic acid and Vitamin D to ensure your body is completely prepared for conception.

FertilAid for Men is equally as comprehensive and is clinically proven to aid sperm mobility and quality.

Fertilaid for men contains:

  • L-Carnitine, an amino acid linked to male fertility;
  • Maca Root which is used to increase libido and is sometimes used to treat erectile dysfunction; 
  • Grape Seed Extract which provide antioxidants
  • Asian Ginseng Extract which evidence suggests can be used to treat premature ejaculation.

Used in conjunction, these products offer couples the best support available for successful conception. The Fertilaid formulas for both women and men are produced in Fairhaven Health's own facilities which are regulated by the FDA and are GMP certified.


Health Monthly has been a proud supplier of Fairhaven Health products since 2012 when we were introduced to the company at an Expo in the USA. We were thrilled to find a fertility supplements manufacturer who shared our goal of supporting health with the latest innovations and the best herbal formulas. At Health Monthly we believe that Fertilaid is one of the best supports for fertility available on the market today for both men and women who are trying to conceive and we are proud to stock their products. Health Monthly currently stocks both Fertilaid for Men and for Women as well as their handy ovulation calendar and pregnancy wheel.

Other Information

Fertilaid is an entirely natural product which contains no artificial colours, dyes or preservatives. It is produced in the USA.

Fertilaid is best taken by both partners to ensure that you are receiving the maximum health benefits for you and your fertility. It is not recommended for couples who are undergoing IVF treatment or who are taking prescribed drugs for their fertility. It is not advised for pregnant or nursing women or for those who believe themselves to be pregnant.

As with all supplements, it is advisable to speak to your GP before taking Fertilaid.

Keep out of reach of children.