Fertility for Both of You


For the Men

You need to know about zinc and sperm: Semen is rich in zinc, each ejaculation contains 5mg of zinc which is 1/3 of the daily minimum requirement. Since zinc stabilises and protects the sperm from breaking down every man needs to boost his zinc if he is trying for a baby.

Men who are more sexually active than others may be losing more zinc per day in the semen than they can keep up with in their diet. A minimum of 15 - 20mg of Zinc is needed to keep up!

FertilAid For Men contains 30mg of Zinc per serving and helps promote sperm count and motility.

For the Women

If you are trying for a baby, you need to be extra careful what you eat: You need to limit caffeine and alcohol and stop smoking. Making sure that you are eating enough protein like eggs, organic meat and white fish (not shellfish) are most important. As are lots of green and root vegetables, brown rice and non-acidic fruit, so limit oranges and rhubarb.

You may need to take a pregnancy supplement that contains B vitamins, Magnesium, Iron, selenium, Vitamin C and especially folic acid.

You also need Omega 3 Fish oil and Vitamin D for balancing the immune system. FertilAid For Women, with no additives or preservatives would be a good supplement to start you off. Your partner should eat the same way to strengthen his sperm too.

It is now known that whatever a woman does prior to, and within pregnancy prepares her daughter’s eggs while she is in the womb so every woman is responsible for the quality of her grand-daughter’s eggs too. Quite a responsibility so yet another reason to be eating a healthy diet before and during pregnancy.

Ovulation Calendar & Pregnancy Wheel

To make life much easier for women, there is now a “Doctor-Designed Ovulation Calendar and 9-month Pregnancy Wheel in One” this is ideal for women trying-to-conceive and for pregnant women. The ovulation calendar pinpoints ovulation and peak fertility, implantation, when to expect a missed period and the best date to take a pregnancy test, all based on your cycle length. The ovulation calendar also helps cut down on wasted test kits by outlining the best times to use ovulation tests or microscopes.

Once pregnancy is achieved, the pregnancy wheel guides women through the myriad of important dates and doctor visits over the next nine months, including the right time for fetal viability, movement and heartbeat checks, ultra sounds, and important tests like Nuchal Translucency, the triple screen and amniocentesis.

This is the only ovulation prediction wheel on the market that is adjustable for short, long or irregular menstrual cycles. It is designed by fertility expert Dr. Amos Grunebaum to be detailed and accurate enough for use by medical professionals, midwives as well as trying-to-conceive couples.


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