Health Plus Inc Super Colon Cleanse

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Super Colon Cleanse products blend Senna, a natural stimulant, with nourishing herbs as well as good bacteria to help support the total digestive process.

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  • Helps with occasional constipation and gentle internal cleansing*
  • Assists with greater nutrient absorption*
  • Helps with the elimination of toxins in the colon*
  • Within 6-12 hours, encourages peristalsis, which is a series of contractions that move waste through the digestive tract*
  • Active ingredient is Senna Leaf, a stimulant that encourages peristalsis
  • Made with natural herbs and Lactobacillus Acidophilus
  • Use Super Colon Cleanse periodically - for no more than 10 days every two months
Key Ingredients
  • Senna Leaf Powder - a natural stimulant that encourages peristalsis.  May encourage contractions and help the digestive system eliminate waste effectively.*
  • Psyllium Husk Powder - a soluble fiber, derived from the husks or coverings of the Psyllium seeds.  It is an ancient and trusted soluble fiber that is very effective in moving waste smoothly and gently through the digestive tract.*
  • Acidophilus - known as good bacteria.  Good bacteria play a significant role in digesting foods and may help eradicate unwanted bad bacteria.  It may also help with problems such as gas and bloating*
  • Rosehips - assist with occasional constipation​
Proprietary Blend of
  • Fennel Seed and Papaya Leaf- may have a soothing and relaxing effect on the digestive system, which might help with small amounts of discomfort*
After eating a meal, the colon works to absorb nutrients and remove waste from food as it travels through nearly 15 feet of intestines.  The colon accomplishes this, in part, with the aid of trillions good bacteria that assist in digesting foods and re-hydrating the body. 
This normal process can be dramatically compromised if the colon walls are encrusted with fecal matter.  The residue can cover receptors sites whose primary function is to absorb specific nutrients from food.  The result can be excess gas, bloating and constipation. Poor diet choices, environmental toxins, alcohol, insufficient water intake, and more can all contribute to this build up of fecal matter and lead to prolonged discomfort and distress.

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