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We all need Vitamin K2 in our lives - it helps to clot and coagulate our blood when we are wounded, it helps support bone strength and there is even evidence that it helps prevent coronary heart disease. Jarrow MK-7 is the most body absorbable form of Vitamin K2 yet.

What is Jarrow MK-7

Chances are, you might already know about Vitamin K. You might already know that it can be found in abundance in leafy green vegetables like spinach and you might even already know that it comes in two forms - K-1 and K-2. However what you probably don't know is that the majority of the Vitamin K-2 found in those leafy green vegetables, like spinach, is lost almost instantaneously when we digest it, our bodies incapable of mimicking the phytochemical absorption rate of other animals.

That's where Jarrow MK-7 comes in. For those of you that don't already know, Vitamin K-2 is actually a powerful nutrient that our bodies use for blood clotting and bettering our bone health. And while the other forms of Vitamin K have their uses, it is now coming to be understood that K-2 is perhaps the most useful of them all.

A fat soluble vitamin mainly stored in the liver, K-2's central purpose is to aid in blood coagulation and blood clotting. Jarrow MK-7 represents a step forward in augmenting the bioavailability of this otherwise readily available phytochemical.

Made from soybeans, Jarrow have sidestepped the common knowledge that eating soybeans can be unsafe by harnessing the Chinese practise of fermenting the soybean with a type of ‘friendly bacteria' called Bacillus Subtilis natto (a product known locally as Natto). What they are left with is not only now safe for human consumption but also Menaquinone-7, a highly bioactive form of Vitamin K, that has been extracted from the Natto.

  • Vitamin K-2 as the more bioavailable Menaquinone-7
  • Enjoys a longer half life than Vitamin K
  • 10x better absorbed than from spinach
  • Promotes heart health
  • Blood health
  • Bone health

What is Jarrow MK-7 used for?

Studies have shown that MK-7, as produced through this fermentation method, is actually up to ten times better absorbed by the human body than regular Vitamin K is through the consumption of spinach. Not only that but it is specifically responsible for the carboxylation of particular bone proteins which our body needs to form new bones.

What Jarrow MK-7 have effectively done is introduce a form of bacteria which we might ordinarily find in an intestinal system and used it to bind with the Vitamin K-2 in order to help it pass through the digestive system - and in doing so, could potentially have made us a whole lot healthier.

In 2004 a study was commissioned by the ‘Journal of Nutrition' into the effects of proper Vitamin K-2 consumption and its likely health benefits. The results were startling.

Vitamin K-2 may well offer some of the best protection against coronary heart disease K-2 consumption can even be linked to a lowered risk of prostate cancer. All of these added benefits were not observed in Vitamin K-1

How does it do these things? The answer is twofold: It helps to coagulate blood and it helps to direct calcium deposits. You see, it's all very well to boost our calcium supply to better our bone health but if our body doesn't know where to send that calcium then we can end up with deposits which can lead to a whole host of ailments, from osteoporosis to heart conditions.

Let Jarrow MK-7 help you to battle the dangers of Vitamin K-2 deficiency and enjoy all of its added health benefits too.

What is the recommended dosage of Jarrow MK-7?

To be used as a dietary supplement. Take one capsule once per day with a meal.

Special Precautions

Other ingredients: Rice Flour, silica, Cellulose (capsule), gelatin, Ascorbyl Palmitate.

If you are currently on another medication, pregnant, nursing, or have other medical, allergic or pre-existing complications that may interfere with this supplement PLEASE seek medical advice from a physician before use.

Keep out of reach of children.

Do not exceed the recommended dose.

Do not take if the outer seal is broken or damaged upon purchase.

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