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Ladibugs Lice Control Leave In Mint Spray

Size / Quantity Pesticide Free, 59ml

Ladibugs Mint Spray has been formulated with products that lice find offensive. Ladibugs Mint Spray is the first of its kind lice fighting tool using a specialised mint formula to help ward off head lice and their "friends".

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Ladibugs Mint Spray may be used as often as necessary to help anyone who is treating head lice. Whether you have been affected once or multiple times with lice, Ladibugs Mint Spray has been formulated with natural products that lice find offensive and actually repels them.

Lightly mist Ladibugs Mint Spray on hair with special attention given to the nape of the neck and behind the ears. Ladibugs Mint Spray may be used once or several times per day. Ladibugs Mint Spray may also be used on most fabrics and sports gear to ward off head lice. (Test on a small hidden area.)

To completely remove head Lice use Ladibugs Lice Elimination Kit. It is perfect for children and adults who have a sensitive scalp

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