Natural Factors Children's Multi Probiotic

Size / Quantity 3 Billion Active Cells, 60g Powder

Children’s Multi Probiotic by Natural Factors offers 3 billion active cells per dose via seven different strains of probiotics. Four strains of Lactobacillus offer support for the small intestines, and three strains of Bifidobacterium offer support for the large intestine. This supplement is in powder form which is convenient for children and helps restore intestinal balance of healthy microflora. It contains B. infantis, a strain of probiotic that is particularly beneficial for children.

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Supplemental bacteria are called probiotics, meaning “for life” or “in support of life”, because they are the natural guardians of robust intestinal health and vitality. Friendly or probiotic bacteria toil 24 hours a day, holding at bay and dominating the many pathogenic bacteria, viruses, yeast, and other microorganisms that unavoidably inhabit the intestinal tract. Given opportunity, the pathogens succeed in colonising by adhering to the intestinal tract, inflicting disruptions to our intestinal health and throughout the whole body. Beneficial bacteria also have a profound effect on the immune system, boosting immunity to combat allergies, flu, and the common cold.

The human intestinal tract contains trillions of bacteria in a natural but delicate state of balance between the beneficial bacteria and their good effects, and the pathogenic microorganisms and their potentially adverse effects. Under conditions of high stress or prolonged stress, antibiotic therapy, vacation or business travel, and encounters with food or water-borne pathogens, this natural protective balance can be disrupted, resulting in a decline in the number of beneficial or probiotic bacteria.

Main features

  • Unique seven-strain bacterial blend reflects a child's natural intestinal flora.
  • Gentle support for regularity and relief for constipation.
  • 3 billion active cells per gram.
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