Natural Factors L-Carnosine

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L-Carnosine supports healthy ageing and cellular rejuvenation. It occurs naturally in muscle and brain and is critical to the proper functioning of these tissues and others. Natural Factors amino acids are the highest quality products available.

Carnosine is naturally found in "excitable" tissues, such as muscle and nerve tissue, and reaches high concentrations in skeletal muscle. It functions in these tissues to maintain the proper pH and electrical charge. It also protects brain and muscle cells from oxidative damage. Carnosine possesses additional benefits including neutralising toxic heavy metals, promoting wound healing, and promoting healthy aging and cellular rejuvenation. In muscles, carnosine stimulates microcirculation, neutralizes the extensive formation of lactic acid during high intensity exercise, and promotes recovery from exercise. These effects accelerate the working capacity of muscle exhausted by preceding exercise. This explains carnosine's popularity among bodybuilders and athletes for improving muscle function and recovery from muscle fatigue.

Carnosine is also very important for brain health as it has been shown to protect against neurodegeneration as well as loss of cognitive function and memory.

Carnosine levels in the body decline with age. By the time a person is 70 years old, carnosine levels have decreased by 63%. Carnosine has been shown to rejuvenate connective tissue cells, which may explain its beneficial effect on wound healing as well as why it's used to fight the effects of aging on the skin (wrinkles and loss of elasticity). Because of its many beneficial effects, carnosine is becoming well-known as a longevity and anti-ageing nutrient.

Main features

  • Supports cellular rejuvenation and longevity.
  • Helps athletes improve muscle function and shorten recovery time.
  • May help protect against neurological decline.
  • Protects brain and muscle cells from oxidative damage.
  • Promotes wound healing.
  • Neutralizes heavy metals.

How it works

L-carnosine (beta-alanyl-L-histidine) is composed of two amino acids, histidine and alanine. Carnosine occurs naturally in several tissues, particularly skeletal muscle, heart muscle, nerve tissue, and brain tissue, where it exhibits a number of critical effects. Carnosine buffers pH, functions as an antioxidant, and regulates reactive oxygen species, as well as stimulating microcirculation in the brain and muscles. While the exact mechanism of preventing cellular damage and death is not clear, carnosine appears to promote vasodilation, prevent inflammation, and prevent formation of the damaging reactive oxygen and reactive nitrogen species that cause cell damage and death.

Because carnosine occurs naturally in the body, protecting and rejuvenating it through a number of mechanisms, it is considered an ideal agent for treating and preventing brain degeneration and damage, as well as aging. 

Carnosine demonstrates strong anti-glycating, buffering, and metal-binding activity, which delays biological aging. Carnosine's natural ability to both protect against and delay aging makes it an ideal longevity and anti-ageing nutrient.

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