Natures Aid Saw Palmetto Complex with Nettle, Zinc & Amino Acids

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Saw Palmetto - has been shown in several studies to dramatically reduce frequent night time urination and to assist in fully emptying the bladder, meaning fewer visits.

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An enlarged prostate (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia-BPH) can cause considerable disruption to men's lives. In this condition a small gland surrounding the neck of the bladder (the prostate) enlarges and exerts pressure on the duct that empties it. The flow of urine is restricted which means that affected men have to urinate more requently, especially at night, often with dribbling. In severe cases, urination is difficult or impossible.

Relief from the symptoms of BPH is liberating and several natural substances have been identified that can help. 

Natures Aid Saw Palmetto Complex provides a balanced blend of herbs and nutrients  designed to give maximum support to men suffering from this condition.

The Benefits of Saw Palmetto Complex 

Saw Palmetto - has been shown in several studies to dramatically reduce frequent night time urination and to assist in fully emptying the bladder, meaning fewer visits. 
Nettle Root - has been shown in several clinical trials to be effective at reducing the symptoms of BPH and to complement the action of Saw Palmetto. This combination has been shown to be as effective as conventional medical treatment with a much lower incidence of side effects. 
L-Glutamic Acid and Alanine - when taken together relieve the symptoms of BPH and reduce the swelling in the prostate tissue.  
Zinc - supplementation appears to relieve symptoms and reduce the size of enlarged prostates.


General - In the prostate testosterone levels build up and are converted into a more potent form, dihydrotesterone. This causes cells to multiply excessively leading to prostate enlargement. 

Saw Palmetto - contains high concentrations of sitosterols (including the very active beta-sitosterol), flavonoids (including isoquercetrin, kaempferol-3-O-glucosides, rhoifolin) and fatty acids (including caproic, lauric and palmitic acid). The extract inhibits both the conversion to dihydrotesterone and its effects on cell division. Extracts have also been shown to have anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic effects and to interfere with bladder contraction. 

Nettle Root - affects the hormones and proteins that carry sex hormones (such as testosterone or oestrogen) preventing them being taken up by the tissues.
L-Glutamic Acid and Alanine - the mechanism by which this combination works is not understood although the results have been confirmed in different trials. 

Zinc - the fact that prostatic secretions are rich in zinc suggests that zinc plays a role in normal prostate function. It is present in more than 300 enzymes needed for cell and tissue growth and repair and protects against free radicals.
Copper - Zinc competes with copper for absorption, so to avoid copper deficiency, higher levels of zinc supplements should be combined with copper.

Contra-Indications / Precautions

Diagnosis of BPH should be performed by a qualified health care professional to eliminate other causes of similar symptoms.  

Saw Palmetto exerts anti testosterone, oestrogen and adrenaline effects. Those taking these hormones should consult a doctor before taking Saw Palmetto.
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