Nourish Your Brain, Nourish Your Mind!

Nourish Your Brain

The brain has a big role in coordinating the body’s nerve signals involved in speech, movement and emotions. Sometimes physical and mental changes may affect the brains ability to store information, thus may result in a decrease in memory function and loss of concentration.

The Brain

The brain is a vital organ of the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) and is located beneath the cranium (skull). The job of the brain is to sort and interpret the sensations it receives from the nerves that extend throughout the body. The brain then responds by coordinating nerve signals involved in activities, such as speech, movement, thought and emotion.

An adult brain can weigh 1.4kg and has three main structures:

  1. Cerebrum which is responsible for conscious thought, sensation and movement.
  2. Brainstem which coordinates vital functions such as breathing and blood pressure.
  3. Cerebellum which controls balance, posture and muscular coordination.


The ability to remember and recall information is called a memory. Memory is thought to have three stages which form your short and long term memory. Stage one is ‘registration’ when information is perceived, understood and stored in short term memory. Stage two is ‘retention’ where important information is transferred into long term memory and stored. The third and final stage is ‘recall’ which is the ability to recall information into the conscious memory.

Memory Loss

Memory is an important function as it is used in numerous tasks such as communication, in work, social settings, sport and even following a book or film for example. Physical damage, stress, age and disease may affect your memory and as a result everyday tasks are slower to complete, concentration time diminishes and recalling recent events becomes difficult.

Symptoms & Causes

There are many causes for memory loss, but determining whether these are long or short term problems may be dependant on symptoms, how long these have been present and if they have changed over time. It is always advised to seek the advice of a medical professional for a diagnosis.

Causes of memory loss, loss of concentration or confusion could include:

  • Tiredness, stress, anxiety or even boredom.
  • Depression.
  • Physical illnesses from a common cold to an infection.
  • Certain medicines.
  • Age as the body’s various systems slow down.


Vinpocetine is also known by its common name, Periwinkle extract. Noted for its potentially beneficial effects on blood flow and neuroprotection, Vinpocetine has become a valuable dietary supplement. Developed from the leaves of the lesser Periwinkle plant, Vinpocetine is highly valued for its natural health benefits that include the supporting of memory as well as helping to maintain all-over health and wellbeing.

Vinpocetine & the Brain

A healthy lifestyle and some well-chosen supplements may help to improve mental agility, forestall the affects of ageing and improve concentration. Vinpocetine supplements may be used to support various body functions including the brain to help maintain an active memory and to support brain health, fitness and concentration. Vinpocetine is also thought to provide a supportive anti-inflammatory role in the body.

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