NTB Herbal Cigarettes (Menthol)

Size / Quantity 20 Tobacco-Free Herbal Cigarettes

NTB menthol flavoured herbal cigarettes are nicotine & tobacco free, and contain only natural herbal Ingredients.
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Arkopharma NTB Menthol Flavoured Herbal Cigarettes Nicotine-Free (20 Cigarettes)

A medical device intended for helping people in tobacco detoxification cure.
Smoking creates two types of dependence, the first is physical; your body demands its dose of nicotine, and the second is psychological; it relates to the act of smoking and all the ritual attached to it. Because NTB Cigarettes are simply Herbal Filter Tipped Cigarettes, it makes it possible to stop in stages, which is psychologically less demanding than stopping dead. You do away with the tobacco, but you still allow yourself to go through the motions.

As NTB herbal cigarettes do not contain nicotine, you free yourself from the physical need. But that does not mean you can smoke as many as you like, you also have to reduce your 'psychological need' of cigarettes.

The first week, you smoke only one NTB herbal cigarette for every two ordinary cigarettes you smoke. The second week, your traditional cigarette consumption is again halved, and so on down to none, and then you've won!

NTB herbal cigarettes offer you the ideal solution to help you progressively give up smoking by replacing your standard tobacco cigarettes with natural herbal cigarettes that are tobacco and nicotine free. They allow you to temporarily maintain your old habits: having a cigarette with a coffee, after a meal or at exam time.

NTB herbal cigarettes consist solely of plants: papaya, eucalyptus, hazelnut (tree) and peppermint.
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