Oleavicin Soothing Lip Gel

Size / Quantity Powerful All-Natural Relief, 36g Tube

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You know that embarrassing and painful little blister that pops up on your lip or in your mouth from time to time? It's likely a cold sore. Caused by a common virus, the cold sore appears when the virus becomes active in your body. Oleavicin helps reduce inflammation from cold sores.

Humans have struggled with cold sores for centuries. That's because anyone with an active cold sore can pass it to other people through simple skin-to-skin contact. Don't risk spreading your cold sores. Oleavicin's formula can help you get rid of your cold sores overnight, or even prevent them altogether.

Developed in conjunction with virologists and patented science, Oleavicin combines the most potent olive leaf extract available with other bionutrients in an exclusive formula designed to break the viral infection cycle. In fact, Oleavicin begins protecting and restoring skin cells immediately on contact. Finally, you can get prescription-strength cold sore and fever blister relief - without the potential side effects or harshness of a conventional pharmaceutical.

  • Convenient gel formula.
  • Apply topically directly to site at the first sign of cold sore or fever blister activity.
  • Patented high-potency olive leaf extract.
  • Exclusive formulation with olive leaf extract, St. John's Wort, bee propolis, allantoin and aloe barbadensis.
  • Cooling relief for pain and burning.
  • Gentle, deep-penetrating action.
  • Goes to work on contact.

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