Vitabiotics Perfectil Triple Active

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Perfectil has been developed by doctors, with input from nutritionists at the University of Reading, Department of Nutrition, to provide deep nourishment for skin, hair and nails. The formula is based on international research evidence into the role of nutrients in health and replication of cells in these tissues.
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6 ways Perfectil can help maintain healthy skin, hair & nails Perfectil advanced nutrient tablets provide a scientifically developed blend of over 20 nutrients for deep nourishment of skin, scalp and nail tissues. Each Perfectil tablet provides vitamins and minerals to help maintain optimal cell maintenance and cell renewal, along with antioxidants to help protect delicate tissues from the ageing effects of the sun and other free radicals, such as smoke. Natural plant extracts which help to maintain a healthy complexion, and vitamins and minerals essential to healthy blood circulation and strong tissue formation are also included.
1. Nutritional Foundation For truly radiant beauty, a good nutritional foundation is the first step. Perfectil tablets provide 'skin food' nutrients to help maintain a glowing complexion and healthy hair and nails. They are a natural progression from the anti-ageing vitamin enriched beauty creams and other external products popular with many women today, working in synergy to provide ultimate skin care support, starting from within. 2. Anti Aging and UV - Protection Skin is exposed to ultraviolet light and other harmful environmental factors, which generate free radicals on a daily basis. It is medically recognised that sagging skin and other conditions such as reddening and wrinkling of skin, ageing of skin cells and even DNA damage are primarily caused by free radical damage. Researchers have agreed that antioxidant vitamins C & E and beta-carotene, included in the Perfectil formula, are 'valuable agents' in helping the skin defend against such damage. Vitamin C is particularly important since it plays an integral role in collagen synthesis - the substance which keeps skin supple and taut. Carotenoids like beta-carotene, which are natural protectors found in fruit and vegetables, also help bolster the skin's resistance to UV damage. Carotenoids work through a 'parasol' effect, in which UV light is scattered when it reaches the skin, just as if it were bouncing off the top of a small natural umbrella.   3. Complete Hair and nail formation Many products claim to repair hair and nails from the outside, but for maximum effect, nutrients should reach the skin and scalp tissues via the blood stream, where they can act at a deeper level. Perfectil provides a full spectrum of key nutrients for hair and nail formation, including B vitamins which may help reduce nail fragility, excessive dryness and ridges and minerals such as zinc, which are important for nail development and strength. Biotin and other trace minerals essential to hair growth and hair follicle formation are also included. 4. Tried and tested In a trial conducted over a three-month period, 84% of women gave Perfectil consistently high ratings for the growth and strength of their nails. Good nutrition may be particularly apparent from the appearance of nails.

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