Pet Naturals Breath Bites for Dogs

Size / Quantity Sugar Free, Chicken Liver Flavour, 21 Bone-Shaped Chews

Breath Bites for Dogs is designed to freshen breath and reduce fecal odor in dogs, all in a delicious chew.

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Breath Bites are delicious chews that help get rid of doggy breath and help flush out toxins to reduce fecal odor. Breath Bites include unique ingredients, such as Champignon Mushroom extract (Champex™ brand), which extensively studied for its ability to suppress odor causing toxins in the intestines. Cinnamon supports a healthy bacterial balance in the mouth, important in dealing with bad breath, and spirulina has a beneficial deodorizing effect.


  • Spirulina is a very good source of chlorophyll, a biomolecule that helps clean the body of toxins with a beneficial deodorizing effect.
  • Parsley is an excellent source of chlorophyll.
  • Champignon Mushroom Extract (Champex™ brand) has been studied extensively for its ability to reduce odors and improve intestinal conditions. It has been shown to stop foul breath at the source in the intestines. ChampexTM attacks foul breath and body odors where they originate, supporting and maintaining a clean condition within the intestines by suppressing the generation of foul chemicals.
  • Yucca Schidigera Extract has been shown to reduce the intensity of fecal odor in dogs by either altering the production or decreasing availability of hydrogen sulfide
  • Cinnamon Powder supports a healthy bacterial balance in the mouth.


There are two major causes of mouth odors. The first is decaying food debris between the teeth on the mucous membrane or in the esophagus. The second is when foul smelling compounds are absorbed from the intestinal tract into the blood and then exhaled from the lungs as stink.


More than 100 trillion bacteria exist in the intestines to help break down food and nutrients. As proteins and fats in ingested food decompose, they create foul-smelling chemicals. Major purification bacteria are Welch bacillus and Escerichia coli, which create foul smelling intestinal chemicals. Fecal odors originate in this process of breaking down and by means of these putrid chemicals.

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