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Rooted Beauty Mango Passion Invigorating Facial Cleanser

Size / Quantity with Green Coffee Antioxidants, 163ml

Containing one of the most pure and fruit-infused formulas available, Rooted Beauty's Mango Passion Facial Cleanser is filled with nature’s most powerful antioxidants to keep your skin energised no matter where your busy day takes you! 

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Enjoy the rejuvenating power of Green Coffee Antioxidants with a juicy splash of tropical mango and passionfruit- it’s fruit infused nourishment for your skin! 

  • Green Coffee Antioxidants
  • All Packaging is Recyclable
  • Fruit-Infused Nourishment

Rooted Beauty Mission:

Rooted Beauty was developed with a vision to change the lives of women around the world through innovative and healthy natural skincare products. They are rooted in positively impacting customers, the environment and women around the world.

  1. Customers: by using natural superpower ingredients that are pure, healthy and effective.
  2. Environment: by making informed and conscious packaging selections that are most kind to our earth.
  3. Women around the world: by helping them escape situations of extreme poverty and oppression through Rooted Beauty's Woman2Woman project.
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