Sexual Health

There are physical and mental triggers which can affect your sexual health including illness, stress, age and depression. These may leave you feeling a loss for energy, interest, pleasure feelings or any sexual desire at all. Choices of food with aphrodisiac properties such as oysters, chocolate and even oat bran as well as regular exercise are two ways to naturally enhance your libido.There are also many herbal supplements available all with known properties to enhance intimacy, boost energy and increase enjoyment

We stock a wide range of brands and ingredients to choose from including:

  • Yohimbe which is believe to help fuel libido, stimulate sexual interest and promote pleasure.
  • DHEA to help maintain hormone production levels during maturity for both men and women.
  • Horny Goat Weed to stimulate your sexual desire.
  • Maca to boost satisfaction.
  • Tongkat Ali with its natural aphrodisiac properties.

Maintaining Sexual Health also includes the risk of STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases) which may leave you at risk of health complications including infertility. Within minutes you could have the results for some of the common STDs in the comfort of your own home with our self-test kits.


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