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Swanson Premium Snow Algae Serum

Size / Quantity 29.6 ml

Safeguard your skin against the visible signs of aging with the natural rejuvenating power of Snow Algae Serum. This advanced skincare formula uses nature’s most effective adaptations against extreme climate conditions to protect against moisture loss and counteract the effects of aging to promote youthful radiance.
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  • Age-proof your skin for radiant beauty
  • Features snow algae
  • Made with Antarcticine®

The primary ingredient in this revolutionary formula is an extract derived from an unusual species of algae, Coenochloris signiensis, also known as “snow algae” because it has adapted to grow in climates where there is snow all year round. To survive in this habitat, snow algae produce specialized polymers and glycoproteins, along with powerful antioxidant carotenoids. Research suggests that the unique combination of nutrients found in snow algae have powerful anti-aging properties.

In addition to the anti-aging properties of Coenchloris signiensis, our Snow Algae Serum provides valuable protection against skin dryness and wrinkling with a unique glycoprotein called Antarcticine™, a ferment extract derived from Pseudoalteromonas, a strain of bacteria discovered on King George Island in Antarctica. Living in the harsh Antarctic climate, Pseudoalteromonas produces large quantities of extracellular polymeric substances (ECPSs) that protect against moisture loss in extreme cold conditions—a property that makes them ideal for healthy skin care.

Snow Algae Serum combines the anti-aging activity of Antarcticine and snow algae with proven skin protectors like aloe vera gel and salicylic acid and herbal antioxidants like green and white tea extracts to give your skin every advantage nature has to offer for beautiful, youthful-looking skin.

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