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As a vital element in the vitamin B-complex, Inositol is as important to our muscular and nerve systems as it is to the breakdown and distribution of fats in the liver. Used primarily to help with erratic moods and mild depression, Inositol knows no boundaries in its exhaustive list of health benefits.

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  • Supports mental relaxation and mood
  • Promotes nervous system health by serving as a component in healthy neurotransmitters

What is Swanson 100% Pure Inositol Powder?

Inositol is an odd one - as a member of the B-complex family it would be fair to assume that this mysterious chemical was little more than another vitamin. The truth, as it would happen, is a little bit more elusive. Whilst it is a member of that vitamin's family, it is actually not a vitamin itself. Rather, it is perhaps something a little closer to a carbohydrate.

Present throughout the body, you begin to get an idea of how important it is when you hear that it's present abundantly in both the heart and brain. Not surprisingly then, it has its role to play in both - contributing to muscular strength and the nervous system as a whole.

An isomer of glucose and isolated here as Swanson 100% Pure Inositol Powder, this crucial chemical actually comprises part of every cell membrane in the body, meaning that without it, we would struggle to perform basic actions like the breakdown of fats in the liver.

Yes, it is true that Inositol is readily available in phytic acid from our diets but it's worth considering that studies are now showing a link between drinking more than two cups of coffee per day and a depletion in Inositol supplies. Swanson 100% Pure Inositol Powder can help you to boost your daily intake and ensure not just a healthier heart and liver but a healthier mind too.

What is Swanson 100% Pure Inositol Powder used for?

Taking any B-complex can be troublesome. Yes, it may be essential but it can also manifest itself in several unpleasant ways. If you want to boost this important vitamin complex in your body but you don't necessarily think that your daily diet is lacking all eight of the B vitamins then perhaps Swanson 100% Pure Inositol Powder is for you.

This lipotropic agent has several roles inside of our bodies. We've already heard that it can aid with the liver's processing of fats. We also already know that it can help maintain our nervous system as well as our muscles but what can it do for our brains?

  • Healthier mood
  • Emotional wellness
  • Less harsh on the gastrointestinal system
  • Aids liver processes
  • Supports healthy heart

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