Swanson Buffered Sodium Ascorbate Vitamin C Powder

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There are many things that might upset your stomach. It could be something you drink or eat. Even the things that are supposed to be good for you, like prescribed medicines. Now here is a supplement that should provide health benefits, and be kind to your stomach.

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  • Boosts immune system function and antioxidant reserve
  • Buffered with minerals to prevent potential stomach upset
  • Helps combat free radical damage

What is Swanson Buffered Sodium Ascorbate Vitamin C Powder?

This product is not quite like other vitamin supplements, as it has been produced to limit acidity which can cause stomach upsets. Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is just one of the vital nutrients that we all need. Swanson Buffered Sodium Ascorbate Vitamin C Powder, has been treated in such a way that the acidity is neutralised.

Vitamin C does not occur naturally in the body, so our bodies have to get it through our diet. It is one of the many different nutrients that we need to stay in good health. The areas that benefit most from this vitamin include our eyes, teeth, bones, cartilage and skin health.

We are all prone to Vitamin C deficiency, so we should ideally eat foods that are rich in vitamin C. Some of the foods that contain high doses are oranges, grapefruit and lemons. It can also be found in various other fruits and is a key element in vegetables including cabbage, broccoli, potatoes and red and green peppers.

What is Swanson Buffered Sodium Ascorbate Vitamin C Powder used for?

A regular intake of Sodium Ascorbate vitamin C is believed to be one of the best ways of fighting infections. Sodium is also a vital ingredient that we need to control the amount of water in our body.

Connective tissue contains collagen, which is a substance that helps repair damaged tissues particularly in the tendons. Its production is dependent on a good supply of vitamin C. When used with antioxidants, Sodium Ascorbate may also increase their effectiveness.

This supplement could be valuable to smokers, as it may protect the blood cells and improve heart health. Therefore, it may be a good idea to increase their daily dosage to gain full benefit.

Vitamin C is best known for fighting colds and influenza, the products of a virus. It could also benefit you in the following ways:

  • It may improve the immune system
  • Help in the prevention of cataracts
  • The risk of cardiovascular disease may be reduced
  • Keep your skin looking clear
  • Help repair damage to ligaments

What is the recommended dosage for Swanson Buffered Sodium Ascorbate Vitamin C Powder?

Take one scoop each day mix with water or juice. The effectiveness may vary from person to person, so adjustments to the dose may be required. This is an essential vitamin that we all need to stay healthy. For this reason, it should be safe for pregnant women and nursing mothers to take. However, stay safe and always seek medical advice before you take a new supplement.

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