Swanson 100% Certified Organic Decaffeinated Green Tea

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Do you love drinking Green Tea but worry about the caffeine content? As healthy as it may be, Green Tea still contains plenty of caffeine. That's why Swanson have created their first 100% Certified Organic Decaffeinated Green Tea, so that you can still get all those great antioxidants but with none of the jittery side effects.

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What is Swanson 100 Percent Certified Organic Decaffeinated Green Tea?

There are lots of stories about Green tea, some of them true, others little more than folklore. What is an undeniable fact is that it is incredibly good for you. A secret harboured by the Chinese for centuries but now public knowledge. Green Tea is enriched with an abundance of antioxidants and anti-anxietals. Often referred to as ‘the healthiest beverage on the planet'; and when you understand more about Green Tea, it's easy to know why.

Recommendations for tea consumption have risen drastically of late, with the general consensus being that no amount of tea is too much. In actual fact if you consume between 4-6 cups a day, you should be able to see marked health improvements. Whether it's superior arterial health (and subsequently cardiovascular health), long term cancer prevention or even fat burning properties, there is no doubt on the benefits of tea.

What makes Green Tea so special is that unlike black tea (they are from the same plant, Camelia Sinensis), the leaves have been steamed rather than ‘fried' to preserve their nutrients. While this gives Green Tea a far subtler flavour, it also means that its superior nutrients haven't been burned away.

Of course, the problem with drinking 4-6 cups of tea in a day is always going to be all that caffeine. Swanson 100 Percent Certified Organic Decaffeinated Green Tea is a fantastic way to enjoy your tea the way you want it, as often as you want. All without the health problems associated with caffeine.

What is Swanson 100 Percent Certified Organic Decaffeinated Green Tea used for?

To understand why Swanson 100 Percent Certified Organic Decaffeinated Green Tea is so much better for you, we first need to look at some of the pitfalls of caffeine.

Caffeine is one of the most popular drugs on earth. It is called a drug because it is addictive. It is a central nervous system stimulant consumed by around 90% of the world's population.

Caffeine works by causing increased neuron firing in the brain which our body perceives as an emergency and so triggers the adrenal glands to release adrenaline.

  • Caffeine can cause you to feel restless, jittery or anxious. This can speed up your heart rate and exacerbate feelings of stress. Ironically, when we consume caffeine to improve concentration, it tends to do the opposite.
  • Caffeine in high doses can cause headaches
  • It can also induce insomnia, especially if consumed late at night.
  • Caffeine is even documented as having negative effects of pregnant women or those trying to conceive.

That's why Swanson 100 Percent Certified Organic Decaffeinated Green Tea boasts a caffeine content of no more than 0.4% caffeine. So that you can get all these great benefits without having to worry about any unpleasant side effects.

  • Loads of antioxidants, including Epigallocatechin, the ‘super-antioxidant'.
  • L-Theanine has anti-anxietal effects, calming you down in times of stress.
  • It can even help you burn fat by improving your metabolic rate.

What is the recommended dosage of Swanson 100 Percent Certified Organic Decaffeinated Green Tea?

Simply place one teabag into a cup of boiling water, wait for it to cool and enjoy!

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