Swanson Certified Organic Black Mission Figs

Size / Quantity Kosher, 284g

Not just any ordinary fig, the Black Mission fig is densely packed with plenty of calcium, fibre and iron to keep you healthy and regular. These freshly packed, dried fruits are great to enjoy as a snack on the go or at home as part of a salad or dessert.
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What are Swanson Certified Organic Black Mission Figs?

In the diverse world of the fig, there are many types of this delicious fruit than you may imagine. The Black Mission fig is probably the most famous for its distinctive flavour but that’s not to say that its nutritive value should be ignored. With 3 grams of dietary fibre per 3 fig serving, it is also a genius way to soothe and ease your digestive system.

In spite of the fact that the Black Mission fig (also known as Franciscana, after the Franciscan missionaries who introduced it to the California coastline in 1768) is one of the most popular varieties of the edible fig (Ficus carica), it is actually surprisingly hard to come by. In the 1700s it was the main commercially planted variety throughout California.

  • Amazing source of fibre
  • Organically grown and dried at source
  • Figs are a great source of calcium & iron

Fascinatingly, the fig is actually a syconium, which is an inverted flower that grows outside-in. The fruit from the fig tree is known as an ‘inflorescence’; when the tiny flowers from the tree bloom and fruit within the outer skin of the fig to create the flesh of the fruit.

What are Swanson Certified Organic Black Mission Figs used for?

The human race has always enjoyed a long and storied romance with the Black Mission fig. In fact, archaeological references of this mystical fruit date as far back as 11,400 B.C. With some scholars even maintaining that the Forbidden Fruit of the Bible was none other than the mighty fig.

First cultivated in Egypt, the fig soon spread to Ancient Greece and by the 9th century, they were already held in enormously high esteem by the Greeks. So much so that they even created laws against exporting their best quality figs. Roman myth also embraced this sumptuous fruit. With the Rome’s twin founders, Romulus and Remus, pictured rested under a fig tree.

So apart from being steeped in a rich tapestry of historical nobility, just what can Swanson Certified Organic Black Mission Figs do for you?

Well aside from being a delicious snack, they also offer you some pretty terrific health benefits.

  • Help to Lower High Blood Pressure - Because figs are a great source of potassium, they can actually help to control blood pressure. Particularly for those who eat a high sodium diet.
  • A delicious way to help shed the pounds - As a fantastic source of dietary fibre, figs can have a positive effect on weight management. As well as ensuring a more regular digestive system.
  • Superior eyesight - it might come as a surprise to you to learn that there is now research which supports the theory that figs can protect you from macular degeneration (the most common form of deteriorating eyesight)

What is the recommended dosage of Swanson Certified Organic Black Mission Figs?

No restriction, enjoy them at your pleasure.

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