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Swanson Certified Organic Garlic Salt

Size / Quantity with Sea Salt, 116.2g

If you want more meals to be both nutritious and delicious, it's best to start with healthy, all-natural ingredients. That's just what Swanson's Certified Organic Garlic Salt with Sea Salt delivers.
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  • Organic garlic salt with sea salt
  • Two of the most essential seasonings for any chef to have on hand
  • Great meals always start with the best ingredients!

Garlic and salt are two of the most essential seasonings for virtually all of the world's cuisines. That's why garlic salt has long been a staple in kitchens everywhere. But in the sea of garlic salt products on the market today, quality can often come into question. Swanson's combination of genuine, certified kosher sea salt and pure, certified organic garlic delivers consistent quality and fresh flavour, naturally, every time.

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