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You might have heard of CoQ10 before - it goes by another name - Ubiquinol or to give it its proper nomenclature, Coenzyme 10. As a nutrient it is utilised all through our body. In fact, it is responsible for giving your body the energy it requires at a microcellular level. It is literally the fuel that keeps your body's every molecule going. Enhance your system by revitalising your supply of this precious enzyme with Swanson CoQ10.

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  • Enhances cellular energy production and physical performance
  • Supports cardiovascular health
  • Boosts antioxidant activity
  • Helps maintain healthy blood sugar balance
  • Promotes neurological health

What is Swanson CoQ10?

Set up in 1965 by health fanatic and enthusiast, Leland Swanson, Swanson Healthcare have been at the absolute apex of the nutritional and dietary supplement business for over forty years now. Swanson, the man, set out to create a company with core values which superseded those of a mere business.

He wanted to create a company who put personal welfare through healthier living at the top of its priorities. He wanted a company that reflected his own personal enthusiasm for vitamin supplementation. To this day, Swanson Healthcare represent one of America's most trusted sources of natural health regulation.

It may have a bit of a strange name, perhaps better suited to a chemistry lab than a nutritional supplement, but Swanson CoQ10 is actually probably the one enzyme that your body uses the most. Inside every single one of our cells lives this vitalising, fat soluble enzyme.

  • Utilised in every cell in our body
  • Fat-soluble
  • Boosts body's natural ATP supplies
  • Made from 100% natural yeast fermentation

What is Swanson CoQ10 used for?

Swanson CoQ10 is one of the most bioavailable enzymes available today. By being able to exist in a completely unique oxidised form, Swanson CoQ10 is allowed to form its functions as part of the electron transport chain. What does that mean? It means that we are talking about one of the most formidable antioxidants available in the natural world.

How can this antioxidant work for you? It has a vital role to play in the upkeep and sustenance of your cardiovascular system. Studies have shown that without it, you open yourself up to a range of heart related diseases. Diseases like Angina, Hypertension and congestive heart failure can all be caused by a lack of this seemingly everyday nutrient.

What about ATP though? ATP or Adenosine triphosphate is often referred to as ‘the molecular unit of currency'. Put another way, it is the guardian, keeper and determinate of intracellular energy transfer. Without it, our cells simply wouldn't function.

The shocking news is that as we grow older, our supplies can become depleted. We can lose this vital coenzyme. After the age of 50, your body's supply will diminish which is one of the reasons you will see depleted energy levels as well as a depleted immune system.

Swanson CoQ10 can replenish those stocks and help you ward off more serious health concerns too.

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