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Swanson Cordyceps Sinensis Mushroom

Size / Quantity 600mg, 120 Capsules

Cordyceps Sinensis is the caterpillar mushroom that packs a powerful punch for your health. Support digestion and optimise energy with this traditional herbal supplement from Swanson.
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What is Cordyceps Sinensis?

Cordyceps Sinensis, also know as the ‘caterpillar mushroom’, is renowned around the world as a traditional Chinese herbal therapy. Originally extracted from fungus produced by caterpillars in Tibet, Swanson Cordyceps Sinensis is harvested via the process of more modern techniques and now highly acclaimed for its many beneficial health properties.

What is Cordyceps Sinensis used for?

Cordyceps Sinensis is used as a health supporting dietary supplement, which will compliment a healthy lifestyle and exercise regime. Cordyceps capsules may be useful as a holistic therapy for the maintenance and support of various systems and functions of the body including:
  • Enhancing energy in a healthy body.
  • Supporting the body to resist fatigue.
  • Maintaining a healthy digestive system.

What is the Recommended Dosage of Swanson Cordyceps Sinensis 600mg?

Two Swanson Cordyceps Sinensis 600mg capsules are recommended up to twice per day. The easy to swallow capsules come in quantities of 120 per container, making this a cheap and easy supplement to add into your diet. The Cordyceps Sinensis capsules made by Swanson do not contain Yeast, Mould or any other potentially harmful microbes. 

Swanson Cordyceps Sinensis Capsules 600mg Special Precautions!

Cordyceps Sinensis capsules from Swanson contain Gelatine, making them unsuitable for vegetarians. Other ingredients may include: microcrystalline cellulose and magnesium stearate. Remember that natural therapies carry a risk of contraindications when combined with various treatments and conditions. Therefore, if you would like to add Cordyceps Sinensis into your diet, make sure you take advice from your healthcare consultant first.

Who are Swanson and why should you choose this brand?

Swanson supplies premium nutritional, supplementary health products at a price that makes sense. The Cordyceps Sinensis capsules from Swanson are brought to you using a regulated and modern approach to dietary supplement production. So look out for the seven-leaf logo that indicates the seven principles by which Swanson practices, and you can rest assured you are getting pure and potent Cordyceps capsules that are guaranteed to contain what it says on the label, at the best value for money. 
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