Swanson GreenFoods Formulas AlfaPro Non-GMO Alfalfa Protein Concentrate

Size / Quantity 340g Vegetarian Powder

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This 100% natural, vegan friendly Alfalfa supplement is the perfect way to keep your protein levels at their optimum without ever having to worry about missing out. Rich in phytonutrients, amino acids and just supersaturated with proteins, there's never been a healthier way to support your muscles, heart and mind like this one.

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  • A vegan-friendly source of high quality protein
  • Packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants
  • Supports lean muscle mass

What is Swanson GreenFoods Formulas AlfaPro Non-GMO Alfalfa Protein Concentrate

Most people know Alfalfa as a farm crop grown across the world as a form of food for animals to forage on. Medicago sativa, also called Lucerne in Europe, is a flowering plant from the pea family. While the name Alfalfa is most commonly used in the United States, its uses are the same globally. You can date back as far as the ancient Greeks and Romans to see evidence of its prevalence as livestock fodder.

What you may not know is that this innocuous plant which superficially resembles a clover, is also an amazing source of phytonutrients. Once grounded and powdered, it becomes a dietary supplement that can easily be added to any meal or drink. A supplement with some fairly vital minerals and vitamins too.

  • 5 g of Protein
  • Vitamin K
  • Calcium, Phosphorous, Iron, Selenium, Copper, Potassium & Manganese

For anyone who enjoys a vegan diet, or for dietary reasons, can't eat dairy or soy-based proteins, Swanson GreenFoods Formulas AlfaPro Non-GMO Alfalfa Protein Concentrate offers a unique and all natural way to enjoy a supplement which boasts 50% protein content, sufficient to support a healthy exercise regimen.

What is Swanson GreenFoods Formulas AlfaPro Non-GMO Alfalfa Protein Concentrate used for?

Sometimes with Alfalfa supplements it's hard to look past the high protein content. Truth be told though, there is a whole lot more to this fantastic super-green shrub. It also comes packed with essential vitamins and carotenoids.

Carotenoids are nature's colouring. They are chemicals that give plants their colouration and even their flavour, but they also do something else. They are one of the most important plant based antioxidants found in nature. We need antioxidants like these carotenoids for two reasons. Firstly, they will protect us against oxidative stress and free radical cells in our bodies, and secondly because they are unique to plants, we simply can't get them from anywhere else.

Combine this with the premium quality proteins in AlfaPro Alfalfa Protein Concentrate as well as the 17 different amino acids (including 8 essential ones) and we are talking about a dietary supplement capable of delivering so much more than just a muscle booster.

  • Short chain amino acids that are more readily digested and absorbed.
  • Offers outstanding bioavailability
  • Harvested exclusively from 100% non-GMO Alfalfa - at peak nutritional content
  • Contains system-cleansing chlorophyll and potent antioxidants like Beta-carotene as well as Lutein and Zeaxanthin

Swanson GreenFoods Formulas AlfaPro Alfalfa Protein Concentrate offers each of us a fantastic source of quality vegan protein which is readily digestible and easy to mix with any beverage.

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