Swanson High Potency Vitamin D3

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‘The most biologically active' form of the essential Vitamin D. You may already know it as the sunshine vitamin but there is increasing evidence that very few of us are actually getting enough to support our bones. With official guidelines now actively recommending supplements, there's never been a better way to get your boost.

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What is Swanson High Potency Vitamin D3?

Vitamin D has been in the headlines a lot lately. It has become that most confusing of vitamins, famous because so few of us are getting enough and yet we're encouraged to ignore its most plentiful source. That source being sunlight.

Often referred to as the ‘sunshine vitamin', Vitamin D is rare because as an essential nutrient (a nutrient that we have to get from dietary sources), it isn't actually that abundant in food. In fact, we only get a paltry 10% of our Vitamin D from foods that we eat.

The other 90% comes, of course, from sunlight. But with news that deficiencies are rife, particularly in young children, how come we aren't getting enough of something we all have easy access to? The answer, according to experts, lies mainly in our modern lifestyles. As we spend more and more time in offices, classrooms or even just our homes, we continually put ourselves at risk of Vitamin D deficiency.

The problem with this is that we absolutely need Vitamin D in order to properly absorb Calcium. And when adults or children aren't supporting their bone structures properly they leave themselves open to a wealth of problems both now and in later life.

Swanson Vitamin D3 is the most biologically active form of Vitamin D. It synthesises the Vitamin D that we get through our skin from the sun rather than from our diets, making it the superior way to supplement our bodies and keep our bones strong.

What is Swanson High Potency Vitamin D3 used for?

So why, if it is in such great abundance, can't we just get outside more to get enough? While we are actively encouraged to spend more time doing just that there is, of course, an inherent danger to spending lots of time in the sun.

In fact, expert advice now actively warns against doing just that. With skin cancer cases rising exponentially, it seems that for many of us, the dangers of our most important energy source are being ignored. Of course, within reason the sun poses no credible danger but in alarmingly small amounts it can radically accelerate the ageing of the skin as well as proffering more real threats in the long term.

  • Aids in bone nourishment and strengthening
  • Helps the body absorb and utilise calcium efficiently and effectively
  • 1,000 IU of vitamin D3 in every capsule

Swanson High Potency Vitamin D3 is a great way to get nature's most potent form of this essential nutrient. Don't rely on the sun for your health, you may just be playing with fire.

What is the recommended dosage of Swanson High Potency Vitamin D3?

To be used as a dietary supplement. Take one capsule a day with food and a glass of water.

Special Precautions

If you are already on other medication, pregnant or nursing or suffer from any pre-existing conditions which you believe may contradict this supplement then ALWAYS seek advice from your doctor or health practitioner before taking.

Do not exceed the recommended dose.

Do not take if the outer seal is broken or damaged upon purchase.

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