Swanson Homeopathic Male Potency

Size / Quantity 100 Tablets

Breathe new life into your sex drive with this all natural blend of 10 herbal remedies. From Dr Barbara Hendel’s signature homeopathic range, this is one of the holistic tonics that won’t let you down. Suitable for anyone suffering from hormonal imbalances, loss of sex drive or impotence.
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What is Swanson Homeopathic Male Potency?

There are certain topics that none of us like to talk about and when it comes to problems in the bedroom, it’s completely understandable why. But what if there was a solution that could not only help you with your problem but also reassure you that you aren’t alone?

Loss of libido in men is incredibly common and there are a million and one reasons why it might occur. Recent studies suggest that at least one out of five men suffer from some form of loss of sex drive at some stage in their lives.

  • For the temporary relief of sexual weakness, loss of sex drive and sexual nervousness
  • Created by noted homeopath Dr. Barbara Hendel
  • Delivers ten herbs and remedies including Damiana, Sepia, and Selenium

Swanson Homeopathic Male Potency is a new formula that has been developed under the close tutelage of Dr Barbara Hendel. Dr Hendel is one of the world’s leading homeopaths and has over 20 years of experience both researching and treating problems at her clinic in Germany.

By joining forces with Swanson she has created what she believes to be her most effective homeopathic remedy for loss of libido yet. With natural healers like damiana and Selenium, it is an excellent way to temporarily relieve you from lack of sex drive.

What is Swanson Homeopathic Male Potency used for?

Unexpected loss of libido can be alarming. Many men pride themselves on their sexual proclivity and even rely on it as a form of exercise. So, when we can’t perform we begin to doubt ourselves in other ways too.

The truth is that there are a number of reasons it may be happening.

  • Relationship problems - Are you happy in your relationship and if not, why? Creeping doubts can inhibit your sex life easily, Swanson Homeopathic Male Potency can help to allay nervousness and worries.
  • Stress, anxiety and exhaustion - Anxiety can be all consuming. By restoring you to your former confident self, this formula can reignite the flames of passion within you.
  • Getting older - The simple truth is that as we get older, our hormones diminish. Swanson Homeopathic Male Potency can help to rebalance those hormones and help you return to your younger, more virile self.

Because a healthy sex life is indicative of a healthy lifestyle, Swanson Homeopathic Male Potency harnesses all the knowledge and experience of Dr Hendel to steer you back towards a more healthy self.

What is the recommended dosage of Swanson Homeopathic Male Potency?

To be used as a dietary supplement. Take one tablet sublingually or allow to fully dissolve in the mouth. Repeat two to three times a day or as needed.

Special Precautions


If you are already on other medication, pregnant or nursing or suffer from any pre-existing conditions which you believe may contradict this supplement then ALWAYS seek advice from your doctor or health practitioner before taking.

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