Swanson Homeopathy Rhus Tox 6X, 12X, 30X, 200X

Size / Quantity 100 Tablets

Why is Rhus Tox one of the most cherished homeopathic remedies? Because one of the most common reasons people visit their doctor is back pain, and Rhus Tox is routinely recommended by homeopathic practitioners in cases of muscle and joint rheumatism, lumbago (lower back pain) and sciatica.

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  • Rhus Tox multiplex homeopathic remedy from Dr. Barbara Hendel
  • Delivers safe, effective and holistic relief for muscle and back pain
  • Multiplex formula targets several levels within the body that may be causing pain

This unique preparation is derived from the common plant known to most as poison ivy, but its holistic attributes are what really sets this homeopathic remedy apart. Dr. Barbara Hendel herself developed this "multiplex" preparation to deliver multiple potencies of this single back pain remedy, which allows it to work on multiple levels within the body to bring about back pain relief.

For example, the preparations up to 12X work on the physical level; preparations between 3X and 30X affect both the physical and energetic levels; and preparations above 30X work primarily on the energetic and mental levels. You see, back pain and muscle aches are often the result of strain or overuse, but they also manifest in times of mental and/or emotional stress as well.

Swanson's Rhus Tox multiplex includes a 200X preparation to address this important and often overlooked aspect of physical discomfort. With this multiplex remedy, you can simultaneously address symptoms that originate or manifest within the various levels or systems of the body. Find relief from Dr. Hendel's all-in-one Rhus Tox multiplex homeopathic formula.

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