Swanson Inositol

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Achieve higher states of consciousness with Swanson Inositol! Boost your brainpower with this nutrient which is also known as Vitamin B8. By helping neurons in your central nervous system, it not only helps your reactions but also boosts your cognitive processing.

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What is Swanson Inositol?

Hidden inside what is commonly referred to as the vitamin B complex, there are eight water soluble vitamins that each serve a unique and often quite different role in maintaining your health. In the case of Swanson Inositol, we are talking about vitamin B8.

Also known as myo-inositol, Vitamin B8 is something of a misnomer. The reason being that Inositol isn't actually a vitamin. While it serves the purpose of a vitamin, it can actually be synthesised within the body from glucose, so it has to settle for being labelled a ‘vitamin like nutrient'.

  • Also known as vitamin B8
  • Helps control normal functioning of cells
  • A form of glucose

Fear not though because this takes nothing away from the incredible healing power of Swanson Inositol. Often used in conjunction with another of the eight B vitamins, Choline, Swanson Inositol is integral for the transportation of fat around your body as well as making sure that your central nervous system runs smoothly. Chief above all of its roles and purposes though is its ability to benefit your brain.

Present in all body tissue, Inositol is found in highest concentrations in the heart, eye and brain. It contributes to the normal functioning of many cells and helps us keep our muscles and nerves working.

What is Swanson Inositol used for?

As a natural form of glucose, Swanson Inositol is vital to the function of several parts of the human body.

  • Helps the liver process fat
  • Ensures normal working of muscles and nerves
  • Affects neurotransmitters (therefore mood and emotional stability)
  • Helps to transmit nerve impulses
  • Acts as a messenger between cells

Increasingly Swanson Inositol is being introduced into people's diets as a matter of recommendation by healthcare experts and it's not without warrant either.

Found commonly in foods such as beans, nuts, whole grains and citrus fruits, Inositol not only affects your health as a whole, but also acts very specific.

Swanson Inositol affects the amount of serotonin available to your brain. Since serotonin actually helps regulate mood (it's been referred to as the ‘happy chemical'), there is increasing research into the effects of Swanson Inositol on conditions such as depression, bipolar disorder and panic disorder.

  • Helps regulate serotonin levels
  • Breaks down fats and supports weight loss
  • Improves cognitive function
  • Controls high blood pressure

Let Swanson Inositol into your diet for a fuller, happier life and enjoy brighter days and a longer tomorrow. Because Vitamin B8 is water soluble, your body requires daily supplementation, Swanson Inositol offers you guaranteed quality and efficacy for that very purpose.

What is the recommended dosage of Swanson Inositol?

Simple! Take one capsule per day with water.

Special Precautions

Other Ingredients: Rice flour, gelatin, magnesium stearate.

If you are already on other medication or suffer from any pre-existing conditions which you believe may contradict this supplement then ALWAYS seek advice from a physician before taking.

Do not exceed the recommended dose.

Do not take if the outer seal is broken or damaged upon purchase.

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