Swanson Lutein Esters & Bilberry

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The perfect pair of antioxidant defenders for healthy vision! The free-radical fighting flavonoids in bilberry have made it nature's premier herb for eye health.

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  • Promotes a healthy and strong retina and macula
  • Promotes healthy eyesight
  • Fights eye fatigue and eye strain

What is Swanson Lutein & Bilberry?

It almost sounds too strange to be true but did you realise that the most important part of a carrot is its orange colouration? Known as carotenoids, these colour pigments which give everything from the eponymous carrots right through to pink shellfish, their particular hue, are also one of nature's most formidable antioxidants.

The other type of antioxidant most commonly found (and utilised) in our planet's flora are flavonoids. Were you to combine these two types of free radical scavenging heroes into one completely natural formula then you'd be looking at a redoubtable modern healer. Fortunately for us, that is exactly what Swanson Lutein & Bilberry has done.

  • Bilberry is a great antioxidant
  • May help decrease the chances of getting glaucoma
  • May also help prevent cataracts

Lutein, a prominent carotenoid and Bilberry, a plant from the same family as the blueberry, which also happens to be rife with flavonoids, are brought together to offer you active antioxidant ability in the ongoing battle we all face against oxidative stress.

When our bodies suffer from oxidative stress our cells mutate into rogue particles known as free radicals. It is those free radicals which are the cause of so many health problems we all face in our lifetimes. Antioxidants like Swanson Lutein & Bilberry scavenge and neutralise those cells, keeping you safe from the effects of ageing.

Lutein is most commonly found in foods such as cruciferous vegetables and eggs, like its close ally Bilberry, it's a prominent antioxidant. Swanson Lutein & Bilberry is specifically helpful for protecting you the effects of age related macular degeneration, loss of eyesight!

What is Swanson Lutein & Bilberry used for?

By combining Lutein with Bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus), Swanson have created a very real means for us all to protect our eyesight as we get older.

The reason is simple. Lutein is found in relatively high quantities in your eyes, where it plays an important role in maintaining eye health. Unfortunately, as we grow older, Lutein levels are inclined to drop in our eyes. Specifically Lutein level drop in the macula, the centre of the eye, an area that allows us to focus light.

This is known as AMD (age related macular degeneration) and it eventually causes blindness in the middle of our field of vision. Swanson Lutein & Bilberry can restock and supply that reserve, keeping your eyesight in great condition, no matter your age. Its benefits are numerous, they include:

  • Protects vision from the effects of AMD
  • Lutein has cardiovascular benefits as it is present in blood serum
  • It also helps to reduce cholesterol and peroxidation of fats
  • Lutein may also stop the ‘thickening' of arterial walls, known as atherosclerosis

Swanson Lutein & Bilberry is the combination of nature's greatest ocular healers, let their potent antioxidant value protect not just your eyes but your heart from oxidative stress.

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