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Swanson Pet Nutrition Felix Calm with Suntheanine for Cats

Size / Quantity 21 Chicken Liver Flavour Chews

Is Tabby a little tense? Settle down your stressed out cat with Felix Calm with Suntheanine from Swanson Pet Health. 
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  • Helps settle stressed-out cats
  • Specially formulated for cats with patented Suntheanine
  • Natural chicken flavour makes it a treat for your cat

Just like people, cats can get stressed out by strange environments or changes in their normal routines. Some cats are nervous or "high strung" by nature, and they may react to unfamiliar situations like a new home, new pets, new family members or an absent owner by acting out with destructive behaviors.

Fortunately, now there's help. Felix Calm is specially formulated to help cats cope with the kinds of stressful circumstances that can often lead to behavior problems. It combines a natural colostrum protein calming complex with patented Suntheanine, the green tea amino acid that promotes relaxation without causing drowsiness—all in a natural chicken flavoured chew your cat will love!

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