Swanson pH Balance Alka-Tone

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Because performing at your peak is as much a mental facet as it is a physical one, Alka-Tone utilises the incredible patented technology of Alka-Plex to support and boost your optimum performance and mental sharpness. Just add these simple sachets to a drink of your choice and enjoy the benefits.

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  • Ultimate alkalizing drink mix to alkalize your body and energize your life
  • Features the patented Alka-Plex™ for acid neutralizing power
  • Helps the body maintain pH balance to function at peak performance

What is Swanson pH Balance Alka-Tone?

Many people will try to convince you that sports endurance is as much mental as it is physical and in a lot of ways they are right. As soon as your mind gives up, there's no way your body will carry on on its own.

However, what those people are neglecting to mention is that mental endurance is, in many ways, just as reliant on physiology as muscle strength. This means that without giving your brain the proper nutritive support, it is far more likely to falter and give up.

Swanson pH Balance Alka-Tone is a dual action formula that promotes not just superior endurance but also faster recovery from your workout. With its patented acid neutralising complex, it helps the body to maintain PH balance for longer, allowing you to perform at a far superior level.

Without ever relying on short term solutions such as caffeine, taurine or sugar boosts,

Swanson pH Balance Alka-Tone can be easily added to any drink of your choice to support both optimum physical performance and superior mental sharpness as well.

Regardless of being an athlete or an amateur, the effects are the same. Try adding a little Swanson pH Balance Alka-Tone to your favourite beverage and see for yourself.

What is Swanson pH Balance Alka-Tone used for?

It seems like an odd thing to focus on, balanced PH levels when we consider physical endurance, but the fact of the matter is that occurrences such as lactic acid buildups can have a truly detrimental effect on your body's ability to perform and recover. That's why researchers at the Seattle Performance Medicine Clinic decided to put Swanson pH Balance Alka-Tone to the test.

What they discovered was that in a double blind study of elite world-class cyclists and cross country skiers (performed at the Movement Science/Performance Laboratory at Montana State), the results were startling.

Both groups showed that, when using Alka-plex technology, they had 38% less lactic acid build-up, could exercise 52% longer until they became exhausted and had a 35% faster recovery time than those that hadn't.

They were also able to rehydrate faster and more thoroughly and enjoyed benefits to their mineral absorption, metabolic efficiency, acid neutralisation and physical stress levels.

The results are compelling. That's why so many are turning to Swanson pH Balance Alka-Tone for better workouts. It has also been proven to be of exceptional use to the over 50s for improving mental sharpness and clarity.

Swanson pH Balance Alka-Tone is more than your typical sports drinks, it goes way beyond mere athletic performance support. It promotes complete body wellness in ways other energy drinks simply cannot.

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