Swanson Premium Certified Organic East African Shea Butter

Size / Quantity 4fl oz, 118ml Solid Oil

Swanson's 100% Certified Organic East African Shea Butter is unrefined with no artificial additives or solvents—nothing but natural, nourishing protection for your skin.

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For a natural moisturiser that nourishes and protects your skin like no other, make 100% Certified Organic East African Shea Butter part of your daily skin care regimen. Shea butter has been treasured as one of nature's premier topical protectors for thousands of years, when the ancient Egyptians used it to safeguard their skin and hair against the blazing sun and hot, dry winds of the desert. The legendary Egyptian queen Cleopatra, world-renowned for her exquisite beauty, is said to have relied on shea butter to protect her complexion in the harsh desert climate. Shea butter's popularity endures to this day, where it is used widely as an ingredient in hair conditioners, skin care creams and moisturisers.

What makes shea butter so exceptionally effective is its outstanding fatty acid profile, which consists of roughly 40 to 60% oleic acid, along with a generous amount of stearic acid and smaller amounts of palmitic and linolenic acids. This unique combination of fatty acids absorbs rapidly into the skin where its natural water-binding properties help lock in moisture and protect against the elements even in the harshest of conditions. Plus, shea butter contains natural phenolic compounds with powerful antioxidant properties, which protect the skin against free-radical damage to maintain youthful radiance.

  • 4 fl oz (118 ml) Solid Oil
  • Exceptional moisturiser is the skin's best friend
  • Features oleic, stearic, palmitic and linolenic acids
  • Made with no artificial additives or solvents
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