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Swanson Probiotic for Kids

Size / Quantity Natural Cherry Flavour, 60 Chewable Tablets

New Swanson Probiotic for Kids helps support your child's immune system and reduce mild occasional upset stomach.
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Purity & Potency

When sourcing, Swanson look for the best in class ingredients from only the most reliable sources. We also verify that all raw ingredients meet our purity and potency standards using internal testing and 3rd party labs. This robust quality program is in place to ensure that what the customer sees on the label is consistently what’s in the bottle and at the intended potency.

Specially Formulated Probiotics

Our spectrum of highly-competitive probiotics serves a range of consumer needs – for those just beginning to those seeking a more advanced regimen. Compared to national brands, our premium probiotics contain more CFUs and strains per serving – a better value.

Probiotic for Kids

  • Natural cherry flavoured
  • 4 carefully selected strains & 3 billion CFU
  • Sugar free

Living a healthy lifestyle starts from the beginning. Probiotics provide valuable support for healthy digestion, immune function and many other processes throughout the body. Set your children on the path to wellness by providing them with the best probiotics. When you choose probiotics from Swanson, you’ll get the best ingredients so you can feel great caring for the ones you love.

Swanson Probiotic for Kids delivers 3 billion CFU per tablet. The proprietary blend includes 4 strains: Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus rhamnosus, two strains that help breakdown nutrients by producing lactic acid and lactase; and Bifidobacterium lactis and Bifidobacterium longum, two more lactic acid producing strains that work together to support digestive and immune health. These chewable, sugar free tablets are naturally cherry flavored, making them an ideal probiotic for kids.


Q: Does Probiotic for Kids need to be refrigerated?

A: Refrigeration is not required. Our probiotics are formulated to provide the number of CFU stated on the label. If desired, you may refrigerate after opening to ensure maximum potency.

Swanson products are often marked with a Manufacture (MFG) date rather than an Expiry (EXP) date. Unless specified by an expiry date, products are considered stable at full potency for two years from the MFG date. Exceptions to this include liquids and probiotics which are considered stable for one year from the MFG date.

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