Swanson Adrenal Glandular

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Our bodies rely on our Adrenal Gland to produce numerous crucial hormones. When those hormones are depleted, the results can be physiologically and psychologically devastating. Swanson Raw Adrenal Glandular works by actively replacing depleted supplies of raw glandular extract right at the source.

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  • Made from bovine glandular tissue
  • Supports healthy adrenal function
  • Supports healthy cortisol levels

What is Swanson Raw Adrenal Glandular?

Swanson Raw Adrenal Glandular is an extract designed to aid and assist our Adrenal glands in the production of important hormones. Our adrenal glands, seemingly innocuous, sit just above our kidneys but have long been known to play an important role in controlling not just our body but our minds too.

It's no secret that we all depend heavily on our bodies to secrete important hormones like Cortisol and Adrenaline. Without them our body can begin to fail at regulating our all important stress response. Swanson Raw Adrenal Glandular is an easy to take, portable solution to that very problem.

Swanson Raw Adrenal Glandular is made from the raw, cold processed glandular tissue of bovine. This highest quality natural tissue is collected from USDA inspected facilities where it is then desiccated, defatted and ultimately powdered. CGMP certified labs in Nebraska ensure that the entire process is excruciatingly closely monitored to guarantee only the highest standards of hygiene throughout.

What is Swanson Raw Adrenal Glandular used for?

When our bodies suffer from low adrenaline function, the symptoms can be wide-ranging and traumatic. Fatigue, stress and even a lowered resistance to illness are all common tells of this worryingly common ailment.

Swanson Raw Adrenal Glandular addresses these symptoms at their core by actively replenishing the body's supplies. There is increasing evidence that by supplying the body with the raw building blocks of a gland, the gland itself will consume those materials and re-double its strength and ability to secrete effectively.

That is why we recommend Swanson Raw Adrenal Glandular as an antidote to many stress related conditions. Emotional stress, poor stress tolerance and even depression can all be helped by just aiding our adrenal glands to cope that little bit better. The hormones, nutrients and nucleic acids our body required to rebuild are all packed into this simple to take capsule.

Restore your stress fighting hormones with Swanson Raw Adrenal Glandular and fight common symptoms of adrenal gland failure such as:

  • Low adrenaline function
  • Fatigue, stress & emotional problems
  • Depression
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