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Want a better night's sleep, but you're wary of taking sleeping pills? Swanson's new sleep complex offers you no less than three completely natural ways to ease you off into a deep unrelenting night's snooze. Because it is chemical free, you should wake up feeling light and ready for the day.

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What is Swanson Superior Herbs Valerian Chamomile Hops Sleep Complex?

We've all been there, it's 4am and you're tossing and turning. It's hard to say you've slept at all at this point because you feel as though your eyes have been flickering between the cracks in the ceiling and your alarm clock for hours now.

By the time your alarm clock finally bleeps mercilessly into your consciousness and you trudge heavily towards the shower, you really don't know if you've slept at all. Your day begins and every task is exacerbated by the unremitting pain of complete exhaustion.

You've tried prescription sleeping pills but you seem to wake up even more tired than when you passed out twelve hours ago. What you need is a 100% Natural solution to your sleeping woes; a complex which offers you all of nature's greatest sleeping solutions in one fantastic formula.

What you need is Swanson Superior Herbs Valerian Chamomile Hops Sleep Complex. By combining Valerian (Valeriana officinalis), Hops flower extract (Humulus lupulus) and the already famous Chamomile extract (Matricaria recutita), Swanson are ready to offer you the guaranteed potency extracts of three of nature's most well known and researched herbal treatments. Each perfectly extracted to help restore your nights to restorative slumber.

What is Swanson Superior Herbs Valerian Chamomile Hops Sleep Complex used for?

Chances are you probably already know about Chamomile. After all, it has been used in tea to induce weariness by people around the world to date. Used by everyone from the Egyptians to the Romans and Greeks, this apple scented flower has been employed in treatment of a variety of disorders from anxiety to stomach problems.

Today it is still one of the most popular herbs in the Western world and whether you use it as a tea or a dietary supplement, it still boasts one of the best track records as a natural relaxant on our humble planet.

But for some people, Chamomile by itself just isn't enough - that's why this complex is the first to bring you the triple potency of Chamomile with Hops and Valerian to ease you off into that deep sleep you've been craving for.

Valerian is another sweetly scented flowering plant whose extracts have been used to make calmative perfumes since the 16th century. By the 17th Century it had become popular for easing anxiety, insomnia and restlessness that its fame had begun to spread.

It is believed to work by increasing the amount of GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid) in the brain. GABA helps to regulate nerve cells and stops the brain from releasing too many radical neurotransmitters which cause us to get overwhelmed. Combine these well known calmatives with the natural soothing powers of Hops Flower Extract and you really are looking at a complex which can help soothe and calm you like never before.

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