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Swanson Thyme Leaf

Size / Quantity 500mg, 120 Capsules

Everybody could use more thyme. Not only does Swanson Thyme enhance the taste of many foods, it has significant health benefits, too. 

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  • Excellent support for the respiratory system
  • Helps maintain clear breathing
  • Whole herb, full spectrum form

Centuries ago, thyme was grown in monastery gardens for its internal cleansing properties as well as its impressive ability to aid the immune system in keeping the body free of unseen, but nevertheless unwanted, invaders. Even recently, compounds in thyme are included in mouthwashes for this same reason. Our thyme capsules are delivered in a whole herb, full spectrum form.

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Easy to take caps

For as long as I can remember, I have had a persistent cough, most noticeably first thing in the morning during warm weather. After reading some information on the Web about the properties of Thyme, I started taking these capsules (only one a day). A year or so later, it suddenly occurred to me that I was no longer coughing after getting out of bed. I can't prove that it was the Thyme, but I'm still taking them, money well spent I think.
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